The United States of America – USA

It is really a great occasion to present these articles on American history to the students and general readers. The object is to present the data of American history as to be descriptive and analytical, besides simple and readable form to the students of the World universities. It is no doubt that there are numerous articles available on American history, but their approach to the subject is somewhat oriented to some definite objective and viewpoint which makes it somewhat difficult for the students to follow. Furthermore, their approach is framed in investigative language wrapped in a scholarly frame. It is no doubt a well-founded and time – tested method but only for those who are well – acquainted with the basic facts and figures or priorly educated in the subject in earlier stages. Unfortunately, the students are accustomed to the history of any country in the traditional method, which, however, cannot be termed praiseworthy.

The best approach to the study of history can be said an amalgam of basic and fundamental values of historicity, comprising of narrating base with the inquiry and investigative elements besides analytical synthesis of the different period, with the keen eye on the consequence and the remedial measures to be taken nationally and internationally. It is better to frame abstract lines of action and the main principles underlying a particular history in order to appreciate and gauge the national genius of a nation. In the present work, We have strenuously attempted to compose and edit these articles, with a view to be most suitable to the students, with the traditional approach as well as the modern trends of investigative traits, analytical approach merged properly but does not tax heavily. An intelligent and even a mediocre student can greatly benefit himself if regularly and properly pursued.

We have fully attempted to compose these articles in a most lucid, simple and informative manner, which is easy to read and form an opinion. An attempt has been made to include the most recent data. Moreover, the students aspiring to the C.S.S and P.C.S Examination besides the postgraduate students of history and political science shall find the present work really a boon. We wish to emphasize that the articles under reference do not claim any originally rather the best and relevant matter has been lavishly taken and molded from a good number of books, written by foreign authors. The objective is to present a really a good and comprehensive hub of articles in all aspects. We extend our sincerest thanks to the writers who provided us an opportunity to collect these articles on American History. We request all the readers and teachers to present their suggestions to make it more worthwhile to all; also to point out deficiencies and mistakes for which We shall be thankful and assure to remove them earliest possible.