A Person Who Helped Shape History Paragraph

One person who has always been a source of inspiration for the people of Indian subcontinent is the national poet of Pakistan, Allama Iqbal. He was born in the pre-partition era and wrote extensively about the plight of Muslims, humanity in general and the various reasons for trouble befalling Muslims. His poetry gained popularity in the pre-partition era and was looked upon as a source of inspiration. His dream was the creation of Pakistan, an independent state in which Muslims and non-Muslims alike would have the freedom to practice their religion without fear or persecution. Even thou fully believed that the creation was Pakistan was imminent, he died before he could witness his dream.

Essay on My Favorite Poet (650 Words)

Allama Iqbal hailed from a humble background. He was from the city of Sialkot where his father was a tailor. After completing his intermediate education in India he later went abroad to study Law and Philosophy. It was at Cambridge, England that he became more refined and further expanded his ideological views. The depth ofhis poetry revealed the extent of his sentiments for his beloved countrymen. He was fluent in both Persian and Urdu both of which were commonly spoken in India at the time. One of his most famous works ‘Shikwa’ caused quite an uproar in the Muslim community. It is a poem written from a Muslim’s perspective who is complaining that God has abandoned Muslims in their time of need. In response to the negative public reaction, Allama Iqbal wrote “Jawab-e-Shikwa’ in which he elaborated that reason for the plight of Muslims was that they had strayed from the right path.

In the struggle for independence, Allama Iqbal’s voice became prominent through his literary works. The message that he conveyed to the masses was that the Muslims of the subcontinent should hold steadfast to their belief and to their demand for an independent sovereign state. He was also a staunch advocator of education. He believed that without education Muslims would be helpless. Posthumously Allama Iqbal became renowned as Pakistan’s national poet and even today his poetry is considered inspirational and motivating.

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Importance of Discipline in Life Paragraph

Discipline can be loosely defined as having the capacity to stick to a pre-decided plan or routine that is intended for one’s benefit, may it be health related or otherwise. In simple words discipline is the glue that holds our life together. Almost every day we wake up and follow a routine. Some of us go to school while others set off for work. Most of us have a set time for work, play, for our meals and also for sleep. We live by time and dates. If the concept of time suddenly vanished, we would be in quite a quandary.

The significance of discipline in our lives can be gauged by the fact that discipline is an inherent part of the world that we live in. The earth makes a complete rotation in twenty four hours resulting in day and night. The dark of the night is used for recuperation while the light of the day is used for work and play. Similarly, different seasons result from the earth spinning around the sun in a fixed pattern. This allows us to determine when summer or winter will take place. If the weather changed unpredictably it would be quite difficult to adjust so quickly. Crops would also suffer immensely because some only do well in hot weather while others prefer a cooler temperature.

The same principle applies to successful people. Often times the only difference between an unsuccessful and a successful person is discipline, not the talent they possess. A disciplined person would be more likely to finish work on time and dedicate a specific number of hours working on a problem. An undisciplined person would work in an erratic manner; working more on some days and working less on others. The outcome of such a person would most likely be as erratic as his work. Disciplined people tend to get more out of life and have a higher level of satisfaction as compared to those lacking this trait. Discipline allows people to mentally compartmentalize their life thus enabling them to work at their optimal capacity.

The Most Beautiful Sight I Ever Saw Paragraph

With discipline and dedication half the battle is won. This is why discipline and self-restraint are religiously practiced by successful persons in all areas of life. For instance, if sportsmen were to give up their daily rigorous practice their stamina would be greatly affected regardless of the immense talent that they possess. Individuals who tend to shy away from discipline tend to do so because they are under the false impression that it requires self-sacrifice and limits one’s freedom. However, the opposite holds true because not only does discipline leads to success, it also allows you to discover your true potential.

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An Art Exhibit Short Paragraph

One sunny afternoon my mother dragged me to Lahore Art Gallery for their annual art exhibition. As far back as I can remember my mother has always been an art aficionado and is often disappointed by her children’s lack of interest in art. Since I had nothing else to do that day I found myself accompanying mum on her excursion. We entered the century old building after climbing several steep steps. The original architecture of the building had been preserved, making it a relic among the contemporary buildings in its vicinity. Once inside it took a few seconds for our eyes to adjust to the dim lights inside.

The walls of the gallery had been coated with a rich maroon colour that was a sharp contrast to the various paintings that were on display. Some of the paintings were life-sized portraits. One that particularly impressed me was a portrait of a young woman from Amritsar, India. She was heavily decked in crimson clothes and flamboyant jewellery. On her head she carried a large clay pot used in olden days to carry water. I wondered how much time it must have taken for the artist to finish this painting. Even though I am a complete novice in art, I could still admire the finesse of the strokes that had ultimately performed such a breathtaking piece of work.

Other paintings that caught my eye included an oil painting of a gentleman in a tuxedo standing on a balcony. I was fully expecting it to have been done by a famous artist but was pleasantly surprised when I saw that it had been recently finished by an art student. A haughty looking old lady standing next to me bent closer to the painting as if to detect a flaw and then turned around to look at me.

My Old Neighbourhood Paragraph

“I’ve got my eye on this one,”

she said to me. I simply shrugged my shoulders. I had no intention of buying an art piece any time soon. I left such frivolities to my mother. I moved onto the sculpture section of the exhibit because the haughty-looking lady was still eyeing me suspiciously. Again I was in awe of the sculptures that I saw. It was as though someone with magical powers had animals and humans into stone. Any moment now if the spell broke they would resume their normal form. One sculpture that particularly caught my eye was depicting an iron gate being hit by lightning. I thought it was a fascinating concept. While I was busy scrutinizing it my mother spotted me from a distance and called out my name. She seemed excited because she had found a piece that she liked. I smiled to myself and wondered what my ever so practical father would say to the latest addition of mum’s collection.

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A Street That Leads to My Home or School Paragraph

I got off the bus stop lugging a heavy laden school bag on my shoulders. I sighed and wished I didn’t have to walk a further ten minutes to reach home. I leisurely began making my way home. The footpath was a bit uneven in places and if I weren’t careful I might’ve tripped. A sudden barking interrupted my train of thought and I glanced over to my left side. A small white bungalow with a sloping crimson roof could be seen. Prominently displayed just outside the gate was a tiny white signboard that said “Beware of dog”. I decided to heed the warning and quickly moved past that house. The next few houses were similar to the ones I had just passed. In most of them I could spot an inflatable swimming pool lying in the garden. Inflatable pools had rapidly gained popularity as the temperature soared in recent weeks.

One saintly person had installed a drinking water fountain outside his house from where I took a quick sip to soothe my parched mouth before heading on. In the distance I could spot the mailman in his pristine white uniform delivering a few envelopes at each house. I saw him lugging a huge parcel wrapped in brown paper to a house that I thought was vacant.

A young lady appeared at the doorway with an infant in her arms. This must be the new neighbor my mother was talking about a few days earlier. I hurried on, eager to quickly pass the red brick house that belonged to an eccentric old man who often shouted expletives at passers-by. Through the wrought iron gate I could see that he had let the garden grow wild. I wondered how many months it had been since a gardener had been there.

After all, Tomorrow is Another Day Paragraph

In the distance I finally spotted my home which was located in a cul de sac nestled with five other houses. Since all the houses in the cul de sac were built by the same contractor, they had the same architecture but residents often added their personal touch. My parents had decided to leave the tall walls white washed but had added bougainvillea plants near our tall fence. The fuschia coloured flowers had bloomed in abundance and could easily be spotted from a distance. In the centre of the cul de sac was a small park that was frequented by children from the surrounding neighborhood as well. It boasted a couple of swings and a slide as well as a jogging track for health-conscious individuals. Another attraction was a small lake in the park that was home to a few cackling ducks. I made up my mind to go feed the ducks later that day. For now I was just glad to be home after a long tiring day at school.

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Responsibilities of a Good Citizen Paragraph

In today’s world, people are quick to demand justice for any misgivings that they may have been subjected to but are equally adept at avoiding their own responsibilities. A state cannot function without the support of its citizens. In many ways citizens are the backbone of a civilized society. Their attitude towards various responsibilities determines the success of a nation.

First and foremost a citizen’s responsibility begins at home. One must ensure that the area one is living in is clean and well maintained. It would not do to have garbage and litter strewn across the streets. Not only it is unsightly but may also prove to be havoc to health. Therefore, garbage should be disposed of in a proper manner and not kept lying around. Cars should be well maintained to ensure that they do not emit more than a necessary amount of greenhouse gases.

Essay on The Minorities in Pakistan

Noise pollution is another important issue to be considered. Listening to music at a loud volume may be pleasurable for some but for others it may be a source of a headache and stress. The same principle applies to unnecessary honking while driving. Honking should only be used if needed instead of at every few seconds. Being constantly exposed to loud noise can lead to eventual deafness.

Other civic responsibilities include obeying traffic rules at all times. If this was fully implemented in our society the number of road traffic accidents would sharply decline. Often times not driving under the speed limit is the main cause of an accident. Similarly, people need to pay their taxes honestly. If it weren’t for their country they wouldn’t have a citizenship and thus no rights. If taxes are kept hidden from the government the whole nation suffers as a result.

Another important point to highlight is volunteer work. All those who have time and resources should volunteer at orphanages and hospitals to help those less fortunate. It is only when people help one another that a society can fully thrive. Similarly, it is a citizen’s duty to report any unwarranted activity witnessed. With terrorist activities on the rise, a lot of people may benefit from timely warnings and great catastrophes may even be averted.

Only when citizens act responsibly that a nation can progress both economically and otherwise. The government may be responsible for the overall picture but it is a nation’s citizens that determine in which direction it is heading.

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