Write to the Manager of a Mobile Company About Troubles on Set

Examination Hall
March 15, 2011

The General Manager
A.B. Mobile Company

Dear Sir,

Subject: Disturbed reception on your network. My mobile No: 0444-1879655.

I wish to draw your attention to the difficulty I am facing on receiving and sending calls on your network. I have tried several mobile sets on the present number to no satisfactory results. I informed the staff of your company in XYZ by telephone three times about my problems. The complaint number they assigned me is Mar-3554-10 on 10 March 2011. No action was taken by them resulting in my business losses of sizeable amounts.

I am requesting you through this letter to please have your transmission stations/boosters and equipment repaired immediately.

Awaiting a reply from you,

Yours sincerely,

A Letter to the Editor about Nuisance of Beggars in Buses and Trains

Examination Hall,
X. Y. Z. School, 
10th Jan, 2002.


The Editor
The Daily “DAWN”


Sir, It would be your kind enough to give a place to the following few lines in the Reader’s views columns of your esteemed newspaper. The evil of beggary has pierced in the roots of our social life. It has taken the from of an industry. These days, it has become a regular occupation of many people in Karachi, There are masterminds who run regular “Beggar/Begging Organizations” and wealth Tax can be levied upon them but ever highest rate of a surcharge can also be imposed upon them.

Beggars problem in Pakistan has become very complicated due to the fact that there is no check on this worthless job, It has declined the moral of the whole society. Some of them may be really feeble, deserving and poor but the majority is healthy and habitual.

They abound in all places like public parks, gardens, market places, streets and by lanes as well as trains, buses and trains, etc. They not only present a sorry sight for every one, including foreigners, but they are a positive nuisance specially in buses and train, They stand at the bus stops and as soon as a bus halts they Clamber in. They walk up and down in gangways in houses and trains and even touch the passenger with their fingers imploring alms,

Practically every railway stations is crowded with them. Some of them are suffering from injections diseases and therefore. They are a great menace to public Health, Begging is prohibited by law but it is the duty of the authorities to see that the law is properly enforced. It is also the duty of the people to see that they do not encourage these beggars by giving them alms in buses and trains. There are other ways of giving charity but this method of encouraging beggars must come to an end.

Yours Faithfully,
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Letter to editor about drug addiction in our society

Many students have not knowledge about writing a letter to any person even the graduate students also. Below we are discussing the letter to the editor of any newspaper for defects of drug addiction. Students should follow this method of writing for getting good marks in the examination.
Examination Hall,
A.B.C. (City).
January 11, 2016

The Editor,
The Daily Dawn,

Dear Sir,

It is a bitter fact that a huge number of our young generation use narcotics. We can see a large number of heroin-addicts in bazaars, graveyards and public parks. Men, women and even children beg money from people and go straight to the drug-seller and buy the daily dose of heroin.

The painful thing is that it is in the knowledge of government machinery. But the mafia is so strong that no one can stop the sale and purchase of such a deadly drug. The smugglers and dealers have a long chain of connections. Their roots are very deep. They have murdered many government officials who tried to oppose them.

There are numerous reasons for widespread social evil. The most horrible is unemployment. Lack of employment throws the young generation into the void. A young mind is too tender to bear any act of injustice. When the young men see the open violation justice, they get frustrated.

This type of disappointment is very dangerous. Most of the time it forces the young men to commit suicides. Disillusion people can do anything. Some of them turn towards unlawful activities and become bank dacoits or terrorists. But most of them become drug addicts.

The dealer of drugs works with proper planning. They have their agents even in the education departments. They induce the youngster to use narcotics. First of all, free doses are given to them. Once they become addicts, they are under the control of these dealers of death.

To check this evil, the government should plan things sincerely. The network of dealers should be broken. Death sentence should be given to them. in Saudia Arabia, such criminals beheaded. The result is that this country is free from this evil. Strict measures should be taken in our country as well. it will stop the trafficking of narcotics.

This type of persons inject the drugs filled injections in their body that can give them rest for a short time but when its effect lose down they try to get more injectionsns. These people are smelling the packets of drugs by heating them before use. These are the youngs of Pakistan which are clutched into the viral hands. Some people which do not find any job or no source of employment they get worried and find only one way for contentment that is drug addiction.

Not only in Pakistan but our neighbour Afghanistan also drug addicted persons are present they search a safe place like mountains, old park and low traffic public place and inject the drugs into their body.

The purpose of presenting here this letter is only this that the students of Pakistan should know the defects of drug addiction and above is we presenting a method of writing a letter that should follow the students for getting good marks.

Yours Faithfully,

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Letter to younger brother to inquire about his new school

Examination Hall,
A.B.C. (City)
May 15, 2018

Dear Ali,

I hope you will be enjoying good health. I received your létter last week in which you wrote about getting admission to a new school. You did the right thing because your previous school was quite far from our house and a lot of time was wasted in traveling. It is good that the government has established a new school in our town with all the modern facilities of science and computer labs. Please write to me as soon as possible about your studies and co-curricular activities in the new school.

Convey my regards to mother and father and love to all at home.

Yours sincerely,

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Letter to father about new motor bike you have bought

Examination Hall,
Mày 15, 2018.

Dear Father,

I pray for your fine health. We all here miss you very much but we know that you are working very hard to earn a good living for us. We are together but you are alone in a country that is not your own. I am writing these few lines to give you the good news that I have passed my exams with good marks and mother has bought me a new motorbike that you had promised. I am very happy and want to thank you for your precious gift. I promise that I will use it very carefully. Now it will be much easier for me to go to college and drop the youngsters to their school. Please don’t get worried about my responsibilities. I am getting maturer day by day. I request you to pray for my success.

Waiting for your visit on Eid.

Your loving son/daughter

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