• Essay on Favourite Personality

    Essay On Travelling 500 Words

    Everyone has got a favorite person in life. The ideal favorite personality can be your mother, father, best friend, etc. Sometimes your favorite person can be a leader like Quaid Azam, Allama Iqbal or Gandhi Je, etc. We have written short to long essays, speeches…

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  • Paragraph on Christmas 100

    Paragraph on Christmas 100, 150, 200, 250 to 300 Words for Kids, Students and Children

    Paragraph on Christmas Paragraph on Christmas 100, 150, 200, 250 to 300 Words for Kids, Students and Children Christmas is the most significant day of the year for Christians. It is celebrated as an occasion to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It marks the…

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  • English Essay My Hero in History B.A/

    English Essay My Hero in History B.A/ Outline 1. Introduction History is a record of great men Quaid-e-Azam is my hero in history 2. Educational career of Quaid-e-Azam Life and education Education in England 3. Return to Pakistan Practice of law Joining congress 4. Work…

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  • Suggestions for Improvement in Judicial System

    Suggestions for Improvement in Judicial System Essay

    The Government has accorded priority to streamlining the judiciary, a step long-awaited and presently hailed by the masses. The public reposes confidence in the Government, due to its result-oriented policies saved the country from economic collapse. It is true that the poor have not yet…

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  • Islam and Democracy Essay

    Islam and Democracy Essay

    Outline IntroductionRelation of Islam to democracySlavery is a natural institutionWestern-type of definition of democracyMagna CartaFree worldThe sovereignty of belongs to AllahIslam abolish monarchyThe system of pious caliphateState and society in IslamFundamentals of the Islamic constitutionIslamic democracy differ in modern democraciesImperialism and democracyConclusion The things that…

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  • Nationalism: Origins, Evolution and Future

    Nationalism: Origins, Evolution and Future Essay

    Outline: Nationalism, the salient feature of the modern worldThe emergence of Nationalism in Germany Different definitions of NationalismThe emergence of new ideas from the concept of NationalismNationalism, virtue or viceNationalism assuming the shape of a religionOrigin and evolution of NationalismDeutsch’s viewSmith traces the origins of…

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  • Essay on Dignity of Labour

    Dignity of Labour Essay

    Dignity of Labour Essay Outline: Work, a God’s gift Work generating optimism The recognition of the dignity of labour All works are admirable Mental and physical labor Work for the love of work Blessings of work A golden example Work is indeed God’s gift. Without…

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  • Tea - Addiction

    Tea – Addiction Essay

    Outline: Meaning and origin of teaAdvantages of tea addictionMyths about the origin of teaJapanese tea etiquettesTea in the sub-continentThe art of tea making Caution Tea is the most universal of man-made beverages. There is no place in the world where the habit of taking tea…

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  • My Boyhood Days

    Essay on My Boyhood Days

    Outline: Childhood days, the most blissful daysPersonal experienceThe memory of school days Free from the harshness of the world Happy those early days when I Shin’d in my Angel-infancy. Thus sang the mystic poet, Henry Vaughan. Words worth dwells on his childhood days in his…

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  • A Cultured Man

    Essay on A Cultured Man

    When writing an essay you must remember that Based on the prompt, what do you want to argue in your essay? Your thesis statement should be concise, but incorporate all the main points you’d like to address in your paper. According to Sf Weekly this is…

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