Emotional Intelligence pdf book by Daniel Goleman


Emotional Intelligence pdf book by Daniel Goleman

Download another interesting book on intelligence, namely Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. This is a complete and detailed book on emotional intelligence, and this book is more important than any other book on IQ and intelligence because IQ contributes only 20% of success in life and the rest comes.
from emotional intelligence (EQ), which means that EQ is 80% more important than IQ.

Mr. Daniel Goleman talked about all aspects of emotional intelligence and talked about it in very simple English. Don’t miss this book.

The book Emotional Intelligence focuses on the following aspects;
• IQ contributes to life success only by 20% – the rest depends on emotional
intelligence (EQ).
• Five areas of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, emotion management,
self-motivation, empathy and relationship management.
• People have the equivalent of two minds – thinking and feeling.
• The two parts of the brain work independently.
• Strong emotions interfere with clear thinking. Worry undermines the intellect.
• The goal is to find a reasonable balance of mind and emotions.
• Flow – a skilled person who is fully involved in the task – this is emotional intelligence at its best.
• The development of emotional intelligence is a cost-effective management imperative.
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