Brain Training Pdf English Book Free Download


Brain Training Pdf English Book Free Download

Brain Training Pdf English Book

Read the popular English book “Brain Training” online or download a free PDF copy to improve your memory, sharpen your mental agility and unlock your inner genius. The Brain Training English book was written by Mr. James Harrison and Mike Hobbs wrote the foreword, which was then popularized by Mr. [Name]. Tony Buzan, the author of the renowned English book “Emotional Intelligence”, is also one of the names in this field.

Brain Training book provides a comprehensive visual program, with all concepts and theories explained using images and diagrams. Both authors, Mr., created a masterpiece with this book. James and Mike worked hard to teach you the secrets of the mind and its power to the best of their ability. Through this English book, you will be able to learn how to increase your brain memory, mental agility, and unleash your inner potential. This book is broken down into 8 distinct chapters listed below.


  1. Chapter 1: Brain Potential
  2. Chapter 2: Memory
  3. Chapter 3: Visual Reasoning and Spatial Awareness
  4. Chapter 4: Think Creatively
  5. Chapter 5: Numerical Reasoning
  6. Chapter 6: Verbal Reasoning
  7. Chapter 7: The Mind Body Connection
  8. Chapter 8: Test Your New Brain Power

This book is important for those students who are aiming to join the Pakistani Army as an officer because of the intelligence and verbal tests you have to take during the selection process, as they can be quite difficult. Don’t miss out on the chance to get a free PDF version of this English book, which could potentially change your life. Please scroll down to the download buttons that blink to get this book.

                                        Brief Information of the book  
Book Name: Brain Training
Writer: James Harrison and Mike Hobbs
Language: English
Format: Pdf
Size: 18.91 MB
Pages: 192

Contents/Sample Pages of the English Book “Brain Training” by James Harrison and Mike Hobbs

Contents of the English Book Brain Training
Contents of the English Book Brain Training
a sample page of the English Book Brain Training
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