Tom Sizemore Height

Tom Sizemore Height, Weight & Physical Stats

Height 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m)
Weight 72 kg (158 lbs)
Waist 28 inches
Body Type Average
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black


Tom Sizemore Bio

Known For Fourth of July, Harley Davidson
Nickname Tom
Full Name Thomas Edward Sizemore
Profession Actor
Nationality American
Date of Birth November 29, 1961`
Birthplace Detroit, Michigan, United States
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

Tom Sizemore Education

Qualification Graduated
College Michigan State University, Temple University

Date of birth: November 29, 1961

Online, Tom Sizemore is 180 centimeters tall in most sources. The actor himself in his youth gave himself a height of 5 feet 11 inches. We will find out if his growth was such, and also what is his current growth.

To begin with, let’s compare Tom Sizemore with Stephen King , whose growth reaches a maximum of 185 centimeters. Here, Tom Sizemore’s height will be only 178 centimeters.

Jon Voight’s height also does not exceed 185 centimeters. Here, Tom Sizemore’s height will generally be 176 centimeters, but this is due to the fact that he stands almost a body further than his colleague. One way or another, even if they were in the same plane, Tom’s height would still not have risen above 177-178 centimeters.

Danny Glover is slightly taller than them, namely 186 centimeters (in the photo he is literally half a centimeter lower, as he slouches a little more than his colleague). Here, Tom Sizemore’s height will also be 178 centimeters.

Brad Pitt ‘s height in the morning is 177 centimeters. Here Tom Sizemore is hardly taller than him.

Next, compare Tom Sizemore with Liam Neesonwhose maximum morning height is 188 centimeters. It is worth noting that even though Liam is standing unevenly, Tom frankly stoops, which is why he loses 1-2 centimeters more than his colleague (therefore , it is not advisable to do something with Liam ‘s growth). Actually, therefore, Tom’s height stood here again at around 176 centimeters. When straightened, his height will be 177-178 centimeters.

Terry Crews is a little lower, namely 187 centimeters. Here, both actors stoop about the same, and Tom Sizemore’s height is at around 178 centimeters.

Compare Tom Sizemore with his namesake Tom Ellis , whose height does not exceed the morning mark of 189 centimeters. Here, Tom Sizemore’s height will be 177.5 centimeters, but he is very sensitive to his body. which means that a fully straightened back will again reach it to 178 centimeters.

Jason Momoa is slightly taller, namely 191 centimeters (190 cm since he now stoops a little more than Tom). The growth of Tom Sizemore here once again will be 178 centimeters.

Well, then we will find out the growth of Tom Sizemore at the peak of his form.

Let’s go back to 1992, where we compare 31-year-old Tom Sizemore with 30-year-old Wesley Snipes . The growth of both men was then peak. Wesley at the peak of his form had a height of 177 centimeters. And we see that Tom’s words about his height in his youth are fully confirmed – he will be 180 centimeters.

Further along the course we have 1994. Let’s compare 33-year-old Tom Sizemore with 39-year-old, and therefore also at the peak of his form, Kevin Costner (185 cm then, 182 now). Tom’s height here is still 180 centimeters.

Let’s stay a little longer in 1994 and look at the film “Natural Born Killers”. Let’s compare all the same 33-year-old Tom Sizemore with 48-year-old, which means that he has already lost a little in growth, Tommy Lee Jones (182 cm in the photo, 183 at the peak of his form, 179 now). Tom’s height will still be 180 centimeters.

Next, we will go to 1998, in the last days of filming the film “Saving Private Ryan”, where we compare the 37-year-old Tom Sizemore with another namesake, 42-year-old Tom Hanks , whose height then (at the peak of his form) was 183 centimeters ( 182 now). Tom Sizemore’s height will still be 180 centimeters.

A year later, in 1999, we will compare 38-year-old Tom Sizemore with 57-year-old Martin Scorsese , who by that time had already lost 2 centimeters (159 cm in the photo, 161 at the peak of his form, 157 now). Here, Tom’s height will be a little over 178 centimeters, but he can easily get up to 180 centimeters if the actor straightens up.

In the same 1999 year, let’s compare the same 38-year-old Tom Sizemore with 35-year-old Nicolas Cage , whose growth then (at the peak of form) was 181 centimeters (179 now). Here Tom is 1 centimeter lower than his colleague.

And finally, two photos from 2001. In the first photo, we will compare 40-year-old Tom Sizemore with 43-year-old Alec Baldwin (182 cm then, at the peak of his form, 179 cm now), and in the second – with 29-year-old Ben Affleck , whose height then, what now is 186 centimeters. Here the situation does not change, and Tom’s height will be 180 centimeters.

Conclusion: the growth of Tom Sizemore in his youth was indeed 180 centimeters, but only in the morning. Now the actor is already under 60 years old, and his height has sagged to the morning 178 centimeters in the morning, and in the evening it sags by a couple of centimeters.

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