Alexandra Kiseleva height, Bio, Net Worth, Age

  • Name: Alexandra Kiseleva ( Alexandra Kiseleva )
  • Middle name: Aleksandrovna
  • Birthday: September 29, 2002 (age 19)
  • Place of birth: Aktau, Kazakhstan
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 40 kg
  • Marital status: not married Career : actress , model , dancer Zodiac sign: Libra ( characteristic ) Eastern
  • horoscope: Horse


Model and actress Alexandra Kiseleva is a native of the Kazakh city of Aktau. Alexandra was introduced to the fashion industry by her extraordinary appearance and passion for dancing. Fame came to her after the international dance competition “Street Star” in Sweden, where, after a series of high-profile victories, she became the champion three times in the style of “vog” (a model dance based on a podium gait).

Over the course of several years of her modeling career, Alexandra took part in the projects of Kenzo, Gucci, Timberland, Maybelline NY, Avon, RLJewel, Estel, starred for glossy magazines Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel, Elle, Glamour, Hello, L’Etoile, Allure, VGXW, Nargis .

Alexandra successfully combined her modeling and dancing career with acting, performing on stage and acting in films. By the way, Alexandra also got on the big screen thanks to her dancing skills, starring in the films “Dance of Silence”, “Risk being seen” and “Good Boy” as a backup dancer. And in subsequent film works “By the Water” and the network detective “From the Shadows” she already got full-fledged roles.


Alexandra Kiseleva was born on September 29, 2002 in Aktau (Kazakhstan), but most of her childhood was spent in Moscow. She has a brother, 10 years older, and a sister, 8 years younger than Alexandra. Sister Slava also tries herself in the cinema. The actress’s mother’s name is Elena.

In an interview, Alexandra mentioned that even as a teenager she was not a rebel, but a reasonable and conscious person, for which she first of all thanks to her parents who raised her.


The starting point in Alexandra’s dance career was Alla Dukhova’s TODES show-ballet studio, where she performed as a soloist. At the age of ten, Alexandra came to the casting of the TV show “Big Dances”. Having coped with all the tasks at the qualifying rounds, she entered the group of the choreographer Liki Stich. Unfortunately, she did not manage to appear on the air of the Big Dances, due to her young age and the corresponding restrictions on the project (persons over 16 years old were allowed there).
After this incident, Alexandra had a new goal – to show by personal example that art should not have restrictions associated with age. And soon, eleven-year-old Alexandra becomes the first underage artist at the annual Pirate Station music festival.

At the age of twelve, Alexandra performs at vogue tournaments in Russia, fighting for victory with dancers several times older than her, and becomes the winner of more than twenty festivals. At thirteen, Kiseleva travels to Sweden, to the prestigious Street Star street style championship, and brings victory in the Vogue Runway nomination from there. At fourteen, he wins another two cups in the Vogue Old Way and Vogue New Way nominations.

After grandiose victories in Sweden, contrary to the rules of the show, Alexandra got into the television project “Dancing”, becoming the only child included in the top 20 universal dancers of our country.

For her significant contribution and drawing attention to dancing among young people, in 2016 Alexandra Kiseleva was awarded the honorary title “Dancer of the Year” from FRM.


With the exception of a small role in an episode of the Sklifosovsky series, Sasha Kiseleva made her film debut in 2015 – she played a deaf and dumb dancer in the short film Dance of Silence.

She got a small role in the comedy “The Good Boy” – she played a classmate of the hero Semyon Treskunov . Shot from the movie “The Good Boy” Having “tasted” this facet of cinema, the girl decided to pursue an acting career in earnest.

Since 2018, her filmography has been actively replenished with new works: the series “Teachers”, “Themis Sees”, “Love Them All”, and “Atonement”. In the same year, Sasha starred in photo shoots for Cosmopolitan and Tatler.


Alexandra does not cover her personal life. When asked about what kind of young people she likes, she answers that there are no clear criteria for appearance, the main thing is a conscious outlook on life.

ALEXANDRA KISELEVA NOW In 2020, the girl starred in the TV series “Let’s Go” along with Mikhail Trukhin and Olga Medynich. She plays the beauty Dasha, the girlfriend of the son of the main characters and the first beauty of the school.

Of the memorable moments, Alexandra celebrates her 16th birthday, which fell just on night shooting in the forest, joint work with Irina Pegova , as well as acquaintance with Decl – Sasha was lucky to work with him one of the last.

Kiseleva also announced a project that is being developed by the mentor of the show “Dancing” Miguel , along with the screenwriter of the comedy “Slave”, in which she takes part. The girl hinted that the film will be somewhat similar to the Hollywood musical Step Up.




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