Princess Diana was ‘pleased’ after exposing Prince Charles during Martin Bashir tell-all

Princess Diana had no regrets of sitting in with Martin Bashir for a tell-all.

Biographer Tina Brown in her book Royal Family that friends of Diana admit that her sources reveal that the Princess of Wales was more than happy with the Panorama interview and said exactly what she wanted to portray.

Gulu Lalvani, who dated Diana in her lifetime, told Ms Brown: “Diana said she had no regrets about the interview and made clear that she had said exactly what she wanted to say on camera.”

Ms Brown added: “Her ‘purpose’ was to frame herself to the British public as a betrayed woman before an increasingly inevitable divorce from Charles.”

Diana’s friends also added that she “didn’t have a bad word to say about Martin Bashir” despite the interview being secured under false pretences.

Ahead of her book’s publication, Ms Brown denies that the Princess was a ‘vulnerable’ victim of media.

“I don’t subscribe to the now pervasive narrative that Diana was a vulnerable victim of media manipulation, a mere marionette tossed about by malign forces beyond her control.

“While strongly sympathetic to her sons’ pain, I find it offensive to present the canny, resourceful Diana as a woman of no agency, as either a foolish, duped child or the hapless casualty of malevolent muckrakers.”

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