FPSC Date Sheet of Competitive Examination (CSS) 2022 Written Exam

The CSS applicants who have applied for the FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission) written examination can rejoice now as FPSC has officially released the date sheet or schedule for its various subjects papers. CSS applicants who have been waiting for CSS Date Sheet 2022 must understand its importance as they must finish up their preparing for their CSS subjects.

The CSS applicants who have previously passed CSS MPT examination and have been successful in application for FPSC’s CSS written examination must feel greatly honored to have been selected to avail this fantastic opportunity and privilege.

CSS Compulsory & Optional Subjects Exam Schedule

According to CSS Exams schedule 2022, the FPSC’s CSS written examinations compulsory examinations will start from 12th of May, 2022 and will last till 14th of May 2022. The CSS written examination’s optional subjects will start from 15th of May, 2022 and will last 20th of May, 2022. The applicants must remember bookmark the written examination dates on their mobile phones or calendar so that they do not miss out on their important examination day.

CSS Written Examination Syllabus

CSS written examination applicants must prepare their essential CSS syllabus after announcement of  FPSC CSS Written Exams schedule 2022 which consists of compulsory and optional subjects. CSS applicants must prepare their compulsory subjects like English essay, General knowledge, Islamic studies, English Precis and composition, current affairs and Pakistan affairs as they greatly contribute towards CSS written examination total which is important for passing the examination.

CSS applicants must also not forget to focus on their optional subjects like computer science, Criminology, History of USA, Business Administration, international relations, English literature, Law, Public Administration,Physics among others.

CSS Past Papers

This is a great opportunity for CSS applicants to prove their worth in competitive examination and secure their dream job and success in the future so they must not waste any time. CSS applicants can easily get edge against their competition by going downloading and going through CSS past papers which are be easily accessed from this platform. CSS applicants need to start their preparation of their CSS syllabus immediately and ensure that they don’t leave behind any topic of their selected subjects behind which will hurt their score in the FPSC’s CSS written examination. 

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