Short Essay on Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a group of large viruses that are responsible for normally causing disease in mammals and birds, however, in suitable and favorable conditions, the virus can affect and cause disease in humans as well. Due to the recent coronavirus attacks, Several people have died as a result of this disease left untreated and unchecked in China. Since Pakistan is China’s neighbor, it is important to stay on alert for coronavirus and take safety precautions against it. 
Death from coronavirus is only due to negligence and lack of proper and timely treatment. Normally. if coronavirus is caught and diagnosed at an early stage and recommended with the proper medication, treatment plans, and precautions, then it is healed properly. 

Causes of Coronavirus: 

Coronavirus is a kind of common virus that causes common cold in humans. It can cause an infection in your nose, sinuses, or upper throat. Coronavirus spreads through infected people to others via air and other media. It started out in China as a result of eating bats and scientists suspect the second reason for the coronavirus outbreak is a potential leak from a study working on coronavirus. Coronavirus affects the throat, respiratory system and causes high fever. It is a highly contagious disease that spreads through air and any sort of physical contact with the diseased. 

Symptoms of Coronavirus: 

The symptoms of coronavirus are similar to upper respiratory infection. This includes:

  1. Fever
  2. Headache 
  3. Coughing
  4. Difficulty in breathing
  5. Sore throat 

In severe cases, pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and even death. These are symptoms that might seem like a common cold or due to the influenza virus. If you have these symptoms or any of them, it does not mean you definitely have the coronavirus. It may be some other infection similar to the coronavirus. Therefore, you should visit a doctor and consult him for a proper diagnosis. 

Preventive Measures of Coronavirus: 

  1. Wash your hands 
  2. Avoid unnecessary rubbing
  3. Distance from sick people 
  4. Wear gloves and masks
  5. Disinfectants and sanitizers
  6. Screening for Coronavirus

May Allah saves all of them from this dangerous virus. (Aameen)

“Teachers only teach the rule but winners make the rule”

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