9th Class Islamiat (Compulsory) Guess Paper 2020

Hisa Awal

Surah Anfaal (Short Questions)

  • Write number of rukus and verses of Surah-E-Anfaal.
  • What is meant by “انفال”.
  • What is meant by “یوم الفرقان”.
  • What method has been mentioned in Surah Anfaal for the distribution of booty?
  • Which virtues of the believer have been described in Surah Anfaal.
  • What position of faith of the believers in there when the Quranic verses are recited?
  • Which two groups have been mentioned in Surah-E-Anfaal?
  • Whose people are meant by “شر الدواب”.
  • What order has been delivered by Allah Almighty about the preparation of Jehad.
  • What was shown in a dream to Holy Prophet (SAW) at Badr?
  • What was the reaction of satan on seeing the Angels in the Battle of Badr?
  • What type of gratuity and favor have been mentioned in Surah Anfaal by Allah Almighty for the success of Muslims in Badar?
  • How Allah has helped Makkah’s Muslims?
  • What did the infidels do to prevent the people from the way of Allah Almighty?
  • How have the unbelievers been warned in Surah-al-Anfaal?
  • Which things are described as a test in Surah-E-Anfaal?
  • What blessings of piety have been mentioned in Surah-e-Anfaal?
  • What is the order of Allah about mistrust in Surah-Anfaal?
  • Which type of prayer was offered by infidels around the Holy Kaaba?
  • What did Allah Almighty say about prisoners in Surah-tul-Anfaal?
  • Why was a punishment not sent to infidels by Allah Almighty?
  • In case of breach of contract by the infidels, What instructions did Allah Almighty give to the Holy Prophet?
  • What promise has Allah Almighty made with infidels in lieu of nonopposing Islam?
  • What reasons have been given in Surah Al-Anfaal about the destruction of Pharoah and his people.
  • How Angels take away the souls of infidels?

Ahadees (Short Questions)

  • Write the Values of Darood Pak?
  • Write the translation of Hadith about giving and taking of bribery.
  • What is the best prayer according to Hadith.
  • Translate: افضل العمال لا الہ الا اللہ ا فضل الدعاء الاستغفار
  • Which is the prominent attribute of Allah Almighty? Write the translation of one Hadith in this regard.
  • What has been said about Faith and Morality in Hadith?
  • Translate: خیرکم من تعلم القرآن و علمہ
  • According to Hadith, the major cause of the destruction of Islamic society is?
  • Write the translation of Hadith about Mercy to the children.
  • What did the Holy Prophet (PBUH) say about the person who helps his nation in unlawful dealings?
  • Why knowledge is necessary for human.
  • What is the basic demand of human nature?
  • Describe the difference between Briber and Bribes.
  • Describe two effects of Hussan-e-Akhlaq.
  • Write a brief note on the importance of knowledge.

Mozoaati Asbaq (Short Questions)

  • Translate: ان نحن نزلنا الذنکر وانا لہ الحافظون
  • How many years the Holy Quran was revealed and on whom?
  • What excellence is there to learn and teach the Holy Quran.
  • Write down the translation of a Quranic verse about the safety of the Quran.
  • Why is the Holy QUran called مھیمن ?
  • Write two excellences of the recitation of the Holy Quran.
  • What kind of epigraph the Quran is? What is its subject?
  • Write translation of a verse of the Holy Quran with regard to the obedience of Holy Prophet (SAW).
  • Define “Khatam-e-Nabuwat”.
  • Translate: ما کان محمد ابا احد من رجالکم رسول اللہ و خاتم النبین
  • Which prayer was offered by the Holy Prophet (SAW) in respect of knowledge?
  • Translate: راب زدنی العما
  • What order was given in the first revelation?
  • Write two excellences of Knowledge.
  • What are “Paradise small Gardens”?
  • Describe the importance of knowledge.
  • Describe the importance of Zakat.
  • Write expenditure heads of Zakat.
  • What warning has Allah Almighty given to the denial of Zakat?
  • What is meant by فی السبیل اللہ ابن السبیل
  • Translate: النبی اولیٰ بالمومنین
  • Translate: فلبیلغ الشاھد الغائب
  • Translate: واللہ غفور رحیم
  • Translate: اطیعواللہ واطیعوالرسول
  • Translate: واقیمو الصلوۃ واتو الزکوۃ

Hisa Doam

Aham Ayat

Surah Anfaal: 1 to 3, 14 to 18, 20 to 22, 27 to 28, 35 to 36, 38 to 40, 45 to 46, 62 to 64, 67 to 73.

Aham Ahadees

1 and 2, 3 and 7, 8 and 10

Aham Moazati Sawalat

  • Write a note on Love and Obedience of Rasool-Ullah.
  • Write a detail note on introduction and preservation of the Holy Quran.
  • Write a note on the excellence of the Holy Quran in the light of Hadith.
  • Write a note on the importance and obligation of Zakat.
  • Describe the expenditures of Zakat in the light of the Holy Quran.
  • Write the excellence of knowledge according to Quran and Hadith.
  • Explain Khatam-e-Nabovat with reference to any Quranic Verse.
  • Elaborate the meaning of finality of prophethood with references to any quranic verse.

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