10th Class Pak Study Guess Paper 2020

Chapter (History of Pakistan-II)

Short Questions

  • Write two benefits of Nationalization of Industries in Bhutto government.
  • Describe any two labour reforms of Bhutto era.
  • What was the limit of the agricultural land which Bhutto fixed for the individual holding?
  • Write any two positive impacts of nationalization on Education.
  • Why is the 1973 Constitution called federal constitution?
  • What is meant by “Lahore Declaration”.
  • Write two duties of Union Council.
  • Under which amount were Habib bank and UBL privatized?
  • What is meant by Local Government?
  • Why did the President Ghulam Ishaq khan dismiss the Benzir Bhutto Government?
  • Write two measures taken for women in Musharraf Govt.?
  • In which election was graduation made conditional for the candidates?

Long Questions

  • Explain the nuclear program of Pakistan.
  • Explain the efforts made for islamization between 1977 and 1988.
  • Describe the important aspects of the 1973 Constitution.

Chapter (Pakistan In World Affairs)

Short Questions

  • Write the definition of Foreign policy.
  • What is meant by Durand Line?
  • When was the Kashmir issue presented in the United Nations?
  • Write about India’s delaying tactics regarding Kashmir.
  • Between which two countries was the Indus Water Treaty?
  • When was border settlement made between Pakistan and Iran?
  • When and where did the World Trade Center tragedy take place?
  • Write two responsibilities of United National General Assembly.
  • Write the name of any four Member Countries of SAARC.
  • Write the name of any four Member Countries of the Organization of Islamic Conference.
  • What are the responsibilities of the Economic and Social Council.
  • Write the introduction of Bhutan in three lines.

Long Questions

  • Describe the Kashmir Issue in detail.
  • Explain the objectives of Pakistan’s foreign policy.
  • Elaborate on the relationship of Pakistan with India and China.
  • Pakistan is playing a very effective role against terrorism and extremism in the world.

Chapter (Economics Development)

Short Questions

  • Write the definition of economic progress as given by Professor Arthur Lewis.
  • Which corporation was established in 1975 for the development of mineral resources?
  • What is meant by a small industry?
  • What is meant by exports and imports?
  • Make two suggestions to solve agricultural problems in Pakistan.
  • Write any two names of Imports and two of the exports of Pakistan.
  • Describe any two uses of Gypsum.
  • Write the names four cities of Pakistan where dry ports are established.
  • Write down any use of chromate.
  • Narrate 4 important problems being faced by the agricultural sector of Pakistan.
  • Write the name of any two crops of Kharif.
  • Write the name of Rabi Crops.

Long Questions

  • Explain small and large scale industries of Pakistan.
  • Describe the importance of seaports and dry ports of Pakistan.
  • Describe four important problems being faced by the agricultural sector of Pakistan.

Chapter (Population, Society and Culture of Pakistan)

Short Questions

  • What is meant by density of Population?
  • What is meant by rural and urban distribution of population?
  • Write any two reasons of migration from rural areas to Urban areas.
  • Which problems arise because of overpopulation?
  • Define Census.
  • What is the average age of females in Pakistan?
  • Describe two steps taken by the Government for the settlement of educational problems.
  • Write the names of three major folk tales in the Punjabi language.
  • What is meant by university education?
  • Who was Hiba Khatoon?
  • Which are the major games of Pakistan?
  • Name two great poets of Saraiki language.

Long Questions

  • Explain the basic features of Pakistan society and culture.
  • Elaborate on the educational structure of Pakistan.
  • Elaborate on the major social problems of Pakistan.

Chapter (Protection of Women)

Short Questions

  • Define the term “Gender”.
  • What is meant by “Character Building of gender”?
  • Write the names of two institutions of character building for gender.
  • What is meant by “Nikah”?
  • Differentiate between Khula and Divorce.
  • What is meant by the term “violence”
  • Give two examples of violence against women in society.
  • Write two responsibilities of Violence Against Women Centres(VAWCS).
  • What is meant by Cyber Crime?
  • Write two functions of the “Districts Women Protection Committee”.

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