10th Class Islamiat (Compulsory) Guess Paper 2020

Hisa Awal

Surah Ahzab (Short Questions)

  • Write down importance of drood and Salam on Rasool (S.A.W) in the light of Surah Al-Ahzab.
  • Explain the concept of “Khatm-e-Nabowat” in the light of Surah Al-Ahzab.
  • Write down the names of four in the light of Surah-Al-Ahzab.
  • Write four qualities of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) stated in Surah Ahzab.
  • To whom Allah promised of great reward in Surah Ahzab!
  • What manners have been told to the Muslims to go the Holy prophet’s (S.A.W) House!
  • Allah Almighty has called his Rasool with some titles. Writes any two titles.
  • What did Allah Almighty say about hypocrites in Surah Ahzab!
  • What instructions have been given to the Muslim women about veil in Surh Ahzab!
  • What special order about divorce has been stated in Surah Ahzab!
  • What command has been given about adopted sons in Surh-e-Ahzab?
  • What type of warning and news have been given to the hypocrites in Surah Ahzab!
  • What is mentioned about day of judgement in Surah-e-Ahzab.
  • Which orders have been advised to the Holy wives in Surah-Ahzab!
  • What has been said about the hinder in the way of Jehad in the light of Sura-tul-Ahzab?
  • What status of Rasool-ul-Allah has been described in the light of Sura-tul-Ahzab?
  • During the Gazwa-e-Ahzab, what was the reaction of hypocrites and Muslims in the time of examination/test?
  • What etiquette has been taught to Muslims about the family members of Rasool Ullah in the light of Surat-e-Ahzab!
  • How did Allah help the Muslims in Ghazwa-e-Ahzab!
  • What punishment is described for those who afflicted the Holy Prophet Surah-e-Ahzaab!
  • What instructions have been given to the Holy Prophet in the start of Surah-e-Ahzab!
  • Is marriage allowed with the Wives of Adopted Sons? Explain.
  • If the Father’s name of the Adopted Son is not known, then what is the direction!
  • Translate:            انا ارسلنا شاھدا و مبشر و نذیرا
  • Translate:            ماکان محمد ابا احد من رجالکم
  • Translate:            لقد کان لکم فی رسول اللہ اسو ۃ حسنۃ
  • Translate:            قولو قولا لا سدیداً

Surah Mumtahina (Short Questions)

  • Write down in the light of Surrah Mumtahina that what are the things for which the enemies of Islam have been forbidden to make them friends and confidant.
  • According to Surrah Mumtahina, what does the treat of Muslims to the enemies of Islam?
  • Write four points on which Nabi-e-Kareem has been ordered to take Oath from the Muslims women.
  • In the light of Surrah Al-Mumtahina, which things will not assist anyone in the days of Judgment.
  • What should be the attitude of the Muslims with the enemies of Islam in the light of Surrah-tul-Mumtahina?
  • To which type disbelievers has Allah Almighty allowed to do Good and to treat judiciously according to Sura-tul-Mumtahina?
  • Which disbelievers whom Allah does not forbid good conduct!
  • What is the conduct of the infidels with the Muslims when they dominate the Muslims?
  • Which good deed of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) is ordered to be followed!
  • Write down a few lines about Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) according to Sura-tul-Mumtahina?

Ahadees/Mozoati Asbaaq (Short Questions)

  • Write translation of an Hadith about Nimaz (Prayer)
  • What is meant by quotation, “Prayer is the pillar of religion”.
  • What is meant by demolish of the pillar of Deen according to Hadith.
  • Why is it forbidden to Jump over the necks of the people in Masjid!
  • Write down the manners of Address of Jummah.
  • Translate: الصلو ۃ عماد الدین
  • How many pleasures for a fast-keeper and which these are!
  • Describe the Superiority of Ramzan.
  • What has been said by the Holy Prophet about the rights of neighbor!
  • Upon whom and how many times Haji is obligatory!
  • What managements’ should be made during Hajj!
  • What is the practiced way of taking Bath?
  • What is the importance of Bath on Friday!
  • Which two things are included in Purity/Cleanliness?
  • Write the obligations of ablution.
  • Write down four Sunnahs of Ablution.
  • Write two benefits of ablution.
  • What good news have been given to migrators in Surah Al-Nahal!
  •  Name two rewards of migration.
  • What is the status of Migration in Islam?
  • Which reward was granted to Hazrat Ayyub (A.S) for patience!
  • Write down two ways of gratitude.
  • Write down the method of becoming ‘‘خیر الناس’’
  • Write two duties of Parents?
  • Write two rights of the offspring.
  • Write two duties of Children.
  • Write two rights of orphan. What is meant by family life!
  • What is meant by “Zojain” زو جین?
  • Write literal meaning of Jehad and explain it.
  • Name two kinds of Jehad.
  • What was the biggest action before Jehad?
  • Describe Jehad-bil-ilm.
  • What is meant by Jehad with Wealth?
  • Write two points of the Last Address (Hijjat-ul-Widda) of Holy Prophet(S.A.W).
  • What has been said about the Slaves in the Last Address of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W)
  • What the Holy Prophet has said about trust in Lass Address!
  • What is the punishment of intentional and unintentional murder?

Hisa Doum

Aham Ahadees

11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20

Aham Ayaat

Surah Ahzaab: 1 to 3, 5 to 8, 20 to 22, 30 to 33, 37 to 40, 43 to 44, 53 to 56
Surah Mumtahina: Complete

Aham Moazati Sawalat

  • Ghusal aur wudu ke faraiz bayan karen?
  • Quran aur sunnat mein shukar aur sabr ki ahmiyat hai?
  • Jehaad ki aqsam tafseel se bayan kijiyej?
  • Quran o hadees ki roshni mein taharat par note likhiye?
  • Hijrat se kya morad hai? Quran pa k ki ro shni mein is ki ahmiyat thr yr kijiye?
  • Aayli zindagi par note likhain?

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