10th Class English Guess Paper 2020

Important Objectives

Q 1: Fill in the blanks with corrects of verb.

  • I shall see him next Monday.
    (will see, shall see, saw)
  • They had reached before the teacher came.
    (Reaches, reached, reach, had reached).
  • She is speaking English now.
    (Speak, spoke, spoken, speaking)
  • I already have posted the letter.
    (Post, posts, posted, have posted)
  • They travelled all night.
    (Travel, travels, travelled, travelling)
  • The baby is crying for milk now.
    (Cry, cries, cried, crying)
  • The Sun sets in West.
    (Set, sets, will set, had set)
  • I have not seen you since Monday.
    (Shall see, saw, see, have not seen)
  • She had been visiting Europe since childhood.
    (Visit, visits, visited, had been visiting)
  • The earth revolves around the Sun.
    (Revolve, revolves, revolved, is evolving)
  • It is raining now.
    (Rain, rains, will rain, is raining)
  • This book was stolen by thief.
    (Steal, will steal, is steal, was stolen)
  • He has just gone out.
    (go, went, gone)
  • I wrote this letter yesterday.
    (Write, wrote, has written, will write)
  • I was afraid that he would beat me.
    (will, would, have would)
  • He ran away, because he was afraid.
    (run, ran, will run, is running)
  • He has taken his breakfast.
    (take, took, has taken, taking)
  • It has been raining for two hours.
    (Rain, is raining, will rain, has been raining.)
  • They go to sleep at ten.
    (Go, Shall go, had go, are go)
  • Children are playing in the streets.
    (Play, plays, played, playing)
  • She never answers my letters.
    (Answer, answers, answered)
  • You will pass if you work hard.
    (Work, worked, will work,)
  • I got your letter yesterday.
    (Get, gets, got, will got)
  • If he had run fast he would have caught the train.
    (Catch, Caught, would have caught)
  • I have been teaching you for two hours.
    (Teach, taught, is teaching, have been teaching)
  • I shall help you, if you speak the truth.
    (speak, Speaks, Spoke, Speaking)
  • He has left the city for good.
    (Leave, left, leaving)
  • If you come I shall go.
    (Go, went, gone)
  • He had slept when I reached this house.
    (Sleep, Slept, Sleeping)
  • Where are you living nowadays?
    (Living, Lives, lived, living)
  • It has been raining since last night.
    (Rain, rains, will rains, has been raining)
  • They take tea every morning.
    (Takes, take, took)
  • She wrote this book on month ago.
    (writes, wrote, writing, written)
  • They had taken their meals before the guests arrived.
    (had taken, takes, taking, are taking)
  • They will have completed their work by tomorrow.
    (will have completed, completed, are completing, had completed)
  • He did not reply to my letter.
    (did not reply, has not been replying, will have not been replying, had not been replying)
  • She speaks English quite well.
    (speak, speaks, was spoken, will spoke)
  • She is learning French at present.
    (Learnt, has learnt, will learn, is learning)
  • They would have been late if they had not taken a taxi.
    (take, had taken, had not taken, took)
  • After you had left I went to sleep.
    (has left, had left, leaves, will leave)

Q 2: Choose the word with correct spelling and fill up the Bubbles.

  • (a) Allmighty (b) Almighty (c) Almighti (d) Almightty
  • (a) Ancestor (b) Ancistor (c) Ancester (d) Ansister
  • (a) Ambtions (b) Ambition (c) Amition (d) Ambtons
  • (a) Ancourage (b) Encorage (c) Encourage (d) Encorge
  • (a) Amaz (b) Amaze (c) Amase (d) Amas
  • (a) Broadcast (b) Broedcast (c) Broodcast (d) Brodcast
  • (a) Bileive (b) Believe (c) Beleve (d) Beliave
  • (a) Costumary (b) Customary (c) Customery (d) Custmary
  • (a) Courege (b) Corage (c) Cuorage (d) Courage
  • (a) Careir (b) Cereer (c) Career (d) Careere
  • (a) Conflict (b) Confilict (c) Confelct (d) Canflict
  • (a) Celebreit (b) Celebreate (c) Celebrate (d) Calebrate
  • (a) Contest (b) Contast (c) Conteast (d) Cantest
  • (a) Character (b) Charactor (c) Charctr (d) Chaircter
  • (a) Convanient (b) Convoniant (c) Convenient (d) Caniveniant
  • (a) Dacorate (b) Decorate (c) Dacorete (d) Decorat
  • (a) Distinct (b) Destinct (c) Dictinct (d) Distincte
  • (a) Demice (b) Dimise (c) Demise (d) Demis
  • (a) Deecade (b) Decede (c) Dicade (d) Decade
  • (a) Designing (b) Desining (c) Dezigning (d) Designning
  • (a) Disciplines (b) Desciplines (c) Dusceplines (d) Disceplines
  • (a) Exceel (b) Excel (c) Excil (d) Exceal
  • (a) Enhanc (b) Enhance (c) Inhance (d) Inhanc
  • (a) education (b) aducation (c) Ejucation (d) education
  • (a) Foscil (b) Fosil (c) Fossil (d) Fossill
  • (a) Fixe (b) Fix (c) Fex (d) Fux
  • (a) Firm (b) Ferm (c) Firrm (d) Furm
  • (a) Feoe (b) Feoae (c) Foe (d) Feoo
  • (a) Firtilzers (b) Fertilizers (c) Furtilizars (d) Fartilizers
  • (a) Lonar (b) Luner (c) Lunar (d) Lunare
  • (a) Lusury (b) Luzury (c) Luxury (d) Luxuri
  • (a) Loathe (b) Loaith (c) Leoth (d) Loeth
  • (a) Mioner (b) Moinar (c) Minor (d) Moanir
  • (a) Oentment (b) Ointment (c) oilnment (d) Aintment
  • (a) Orphan (b) Orpan (c) Arphan (d) Orphin
  • (a) Pressure (b) Prassure (c) Pressur (d) Preessur
  • (a) Prevale (b) Prevail (c) Preveil (d) Pervail
  • (a) Please (b) pleeze (c) pleese (d) pleze
  • (a) Proirity (b) priority (c) Porority (d) Preority
  • (a) Qualits (b) Qualitiees (c) Qualities (d) Quelities
  • (a) Revenge (b) Revange (c) Ravenge (d) Renenge
  • (a) Rewarde (b) Revard (c) Rewarrd (d) Reward
  • (a) Recepeint (b) Recipient (c) Resepeint (d) Reicipient
  • (a) Seak (b) Seek (c) Saek (d) Seeq
  • (a) Strive (b) Satrive (c) Streve (d) Sitrive
  • (a) Sentance (b) Sentence (c) Sentenc (d) Sentince
  • (a) Success (b) Seccess (c) Secces (d) Succass
  • (a) Straighth (b) Stanght (c) Sternght (d) Strength
  • (a) Victams (b) Victims (c) Vactims (d) Vactums

Q 3: Choose the correct options/options of the underlined word. 

Q Questions (A) (B) (C ) (D)
1 Their ancestors a member of our family. Relatives Brothers Fore-fathers Successors
2 The Synonyms of “reward” is________ Penalty Prize Present Gift
3 The antonyms of “Fail” is_____ Unsuccessful Succeed Flourish gain
4 I am really____ with one of my co-workers. Annoying Annoyed Regretted Confusing

Note: This part may include Synonym, Antonym, Antonyms, (Articles & preposition

Important Word

(1) Ancestor (2) abandon, (3) audience (4) aspects (5) Ample (6) Adequate (7) Abandon (8) bright (9) Customary (10) consume (11) current (12) convenient (13) circumstances (14) custom (15) culprit (16) critical (17) Consume (18) distinct (19) defy (20) dynamic (21) equitable (22) excel (23) essential (24) Foe (25) firm (26) financially (27) Fail (28) glorious (29) gathering (30) hard (31) halted (32) integrity (33) leisure (34) lovely (35) mighty (36) mention (37) Notion (38) partake (39) prior (40) persevere (41) priority (42) reward (43) Rinse (44) shine (45) scope (46) Strict (47) suffering (48) solace (49) thoroughly (50) traits (51) vulnerable (52) victim (53) various

Q 4: Choose the correct option according to the grammar Rule.

Q Questions (A) (B) (C ) (D)
1 “Patience” is a/am Collective noun Material noun Uncountable noun Abstract noun
2 They invited us to their home yesterday. What tense is this? Past indefinite Past perfect Past continuous Past perfect continuous
3 I cannot afford to spend too much money. The underlined part of sentence is a/an Gerund Participle Verb Infinity
4 Someone ate my cookies. The underlined word is a/an Personal pronoun Relative pronoun Indefinite pronoun Reflexive pronoun

Important Grammar Rule

  • Identification of Tense (First Seven tenses)
  • Kinds of Sentence: Simple, compound, complex, conditional,
  • Types of noun: common nouns, collective nouns, countable and uncountable noun,
  • The Pronouns: (personal and relative pronoun)
  • Adverb
  • Adjective

Q 5: Important Short question

Unit 1:

Q1: How can people achieve perfection in the moral, spiritual and social areas of life?
Q2: How did the Holy Prophet set high and noble ideals for all mankind!
Q3: What made non-Muslims bring their suits to the Holy Prophet!
Q4: How does the Quran describe the personality of the Holy Prophet!
Q5: What advice did the Holy Prophet give to Hazrat Ali!
Q6: Why did non-Muslims trust the Holy Prophet?
Q7: What standards of justice did the Rasool practice as Head of the state of Madinah!
Q8: How were people of Makkah convinced of the Rasool’s justice even before his Nabuwat!

Unit 2:

Q1: when does Chinese New Year start?
Q2: What is Chinese belief about cleaning houses before New Year day?
Q3: What is the importance of Chinese New year for Chinese families?
Q4: Why does Chinese dinner consist of eight or nine dishes?
Q5: What is the significance of New Year’s Eve dinner?
Q6: What do decorations on doors and window symbolize?
Q7: What do the little red envelops filled with money symbolize?

Unit 3:

Q1: How many times should we try and why?
Q2: What can we learn from failure?
Q3: How is failure not a disgrace?

Unit 4:

Q1: When do you need to see a doctor?
Q2: What should your first aid kit consist of?
Q3: Why is it necessary to keep away soap from the wound?
Q4: How is an antibiotic cream or ointment good in healing the wound?

Unit 6:

Q1: How is the newspaper more convenient medium of news?
Q2: Which medium do you prefer for news? Why?
Q3: How do newspapers give us more in-depth coverage?
Q4: How does television make us lazy?

Unit 7:

Q1: How has the writer spent his summer vacation?
Q2: What kind of student is the writer?

Unit 9:

Q1: What is meant by the “right profession”?
Q2: Why is it important to consider the scope of any field?
Q3: How do career counselors help you to choose the right profession?

Unit 11:

Q1: What kind of boy was Pip?
Q2: Why did the prisoner support Pip?
Q3: Who was Joe? How did he treat Pip?
Q4: Why did Pip give food and drink to the Prisoner?

Unit 12:

Q1: What is the limitation of improved technology?
Q2: What strategies should be adopted for safe future?
Q3: How are water resources under great stress?
Q4: What is the major cause of food shortages and malnutrition?

Unit 13:

Q1: On what condition was the criminal allowed to leave??
Q2: Why were Sahabas worried?
Q3: Why did the accusers forgive the villager?
Q4: What case did the young men bring to Hazrat Umar Farooq?

Q 6: Important lesson for translation

Chapters: 1,11,6,2,13,9

Q 7: Importants Summary/Stanza

  • Peace
  • Try Again

Q 8: Important Paragraph/ Essay

Q9: Important Pair of Word

(1) Advice: Advise (2) Affective : Effect (3) Alter: Altar (4) Angels: Angles (5) Bare: Bear (6) Berth: Birth (7) Brake: Break (8) Bail: Bale (9) Cool: Cold (10) Cloth:Cloth (11) Cell: Sell (12) Diary: Dair (13) Dew: Due (14) Die, Dye (15) Dose: Doze (16) Device: Devise (17) Elder: Older (18) Except: Accept (19) Flour: Floor (20) Foul: Fowl(21) Feet: Feat (22) Fair: Fare (23) Heel: heal (24) Idle: Idol (25) Ice: Snow (26) Letter: Latter (27) Lovely: Loveable (28) Loose: Lose (29) Lesson: Lessen (30) Meet: Meat (31) Minor: Minor (32) marry: Merry (33) Piece: Peace (34) Pore: Pour (35) Prophet: Profit (36) Prey: Pray (37) Principal: Principle (38) Quite: Quiet (39) Role: Roll (40) Story: Storey (41) Sole: Soul (42) Stationary: Stationery (43) Sinking: Drowning (44) Scene: Seen (45) Team: Teem (46) Urbane: Urban (47) Vale: Veil (48) Waste : Waist (49) Weak : Week (50) Write: Right (51) Wave: Wai (52) Write: Right

Q10: Important Direct/Indirect

(1) The teacher said, “ Do not make a noise”.
(2) He said, “I like clouds in the sky”.
(3) He said, “Will you listen to me”.
(4) She said, “Our teacher is on the leave.”
(5) She said to me, “Please lend me your book.”
(6) He said, “Hurrah! I have won the medal.”
(7) Aslam said to his uncle, “Please help me.”
(8) She said to me, “Tell the truth.”
(9) He said, “Alas! I am ruined.”
(10) Mother said to his son, “May you return successful.”
(11) He said to me, “He will not go to school today.”
(12) He said to me, “Do not waste your time.”
(13) He said, “Have you any share in this firm?”
(14) She said to me, “Why did you not go to school yesterday?”
(15) The headmaster said to the peon, “Ring the bell in time.”
(16) The teacher said to the boys, “Honesty is the best policy.”
(17) She said to me, “Please lend me you pen.”
(18) Ali said, “Hurrah! I have won the match.”
(19) He said, “Let us go for a walk.”
(20) Aslam and Ali said to their mother, “we like mangoes.”
(21) He said, “Will you listen to me?
(22) The teacher said, “Call the next student.”
(23) He said, “God helps those who help themselves.”
(24) He said to me, “What are you looking for?”
(25) He said to me, “I have done my best.”
(26) I said to him, “Why are you weeping?”
(27) He said, “I am very busy now.”
(28) He said, “Are you going away today?”
(29) She said to me, “Please sing a song.”
(30) The father said to his son, “Go and bring your book.”
(31) He said, “How well she sings!”
(32) She said, “May you prosper!”
(33) The doctor says, “The patient is still in a state of coma.”
(34) The Teachers Said, “Whose book it is?”
(35) He Said, “Is this your book?”

Q11: Important Paragraph for the Translation Urdu to English.


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