Exercise 4.4 Solution FSc 2nd Year Math

Level: F.Sc (Pre-Engg)
Class: 2nd Year
Board: Punjab Textbook Board
Subject: Mathematics
Chapter No.4: Introduction to Analytic Geometry
Exercise: 4.4
Type: Solution Notes
Author: Prof. Ahmad Ali
Pages: 28
PDF Size: 13.8 MB

In this exercise we will read these topics:

  • Angle between two lines.
  • Two lines l1 and l2 are parallel if and only if m1=m2.
  • Find point of intersection of the lines.
  • Find equation of line.
  • Find acute angle.
  • Find interior angles of triangles.
  • Find interior angle of the quadrilateral.
  • Find the center of the circumcircle of the triangle.

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Exercise 4.4 Solution FSc 2nd Year Math

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