Exercise 2.9 Solution FSc 2nd Year Math

Level: F.Sc (Pre-Engg)
Class: 2nd Year
Board: Punjab Textbook Board
Subject: Mathematics
Chapter No.2: Differentiation
Exercise: 2.9
Type: Solution Notes
Author: Prof. Ahmad Ali
Pages: 17
PDF Size: 8.24 MB

In this exercise we will read these topics:

  • Geometrical meaning of derivative.
  • State the geometrical interpretation of derivative.
  • Define the tangent line.
  • Prove that geometrically derivative of a function gives the slope of a tangent line.
  • Discuss the tangent line to the graph of function |x| at x=0.
  • Define increasing function.
  • Define a decreasing function.
  • Define a constant function.
  • Define an increasing function in terms of derivatives.
  • Define decreasing function in terms of derivatives.
  • Define constant function in terms of derivatives.
  • Define stationary point.
  • Define critical value and critical point.
  • Define turning point of a function.
  • Define point of inflection.
  • Define relative minima of a function.
  • Define relative maxima of a function.
  • What is the relative extrema of a function.
  • Define first derivative test.
  • Define second derivative test.
  • Procedure to find maxima and minima.

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Exercise 2.9 Solution FSc 2nd Year Math

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