Chapter 1 (Functions and Limits) FSc Part 2 Math

Level: F.Sc (Pre-Engg)
Class: 2nd Year
Board: Punjab Textbook Board
Subject: Mathematics
Total Exercises: 5
Type: Notes

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In this chapter we will read these topics:

  • Define the terms function.
  • Define independent and dependent variables.
  • Who used the terms function.
  • Who invented the symbolic way to write function.
  • Define domain of a function.
  • Define the co-domain of a function.
  • Define the range of a function.
  • Define the real-valued function.
  • What is vertical line test of graph of a function.
  • Define piece-wise function.
  • Define Open interval.
  • Define half closed interval.
  • Define closed interval.
  • Types of function.
  • Define Polynomial function.
  • Define Linear function.
  • Define Quadratic function.
  • Define Identity function.
  • Define Constant function.
  • Define rational function.
  • Define trigonometric function.
  • Define the inverse trigonometric function.
  • Define the exponential function.
  • Composition of functions and Inverse of a function.
  • Define the composition of functions.
  • Define the inverse of a function.
  • The Real-Valued function.
  • Theorems on the limit of functions.
  • Limits of important functions.
  • Prove theorem when n is a negative integer.
  • Prove theorem when n is a positive integer.
  • Prove theorem when n is zero.
  • State Sandwich Theorem.
  • Define the limit of a function.
  • Define Left Hand and Right-Hand Limit of a function.
  • What is the criterion for the existence of a limit of a function?
  • Continuous and Discontinuous functions.
  • Define Continuous function.
  • Discuss the continuity of function.
  • Draw the graph.
  • Graphs the curves of parametric equations.
  • Find the graphical solution of the equations.

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