Types of Computers

Different types of computers are as follows:

Analog Computers

An analog computer does not operate with digital signals. It recognizes data as continuous measurement of a physical property. It has no state. Analog computer is difficult to operate and use. Its output is usually displayed on a meter or graphs. Voltage, pressure, speed, and temperature are some physical properties that can be measured in this way. Analog computer has low memory and fewer functions. It is usually built for special purposes. Analog computer is mainly used in the field of engineering and medicine.


  • Analog clock measures time by the distance of the hands of a clock around a dial.
  • The speed of the car is measured by the speedometer.
  • The thermometer measures the length of a mercury column.
  • Analog processor is used at petrol stations, which indicates the quantity of petrol delivered.

Digital Computers

A digital computer works with digits. Everything is described in two states i.e. either ON or OFF. The number 1 represents on and 0 represents the off state. It operates by counting numbers or digits and gives output in digital form.

Digital computers are very fast. They can be programmed to perform mathematical calculations, compare values etc. These computers store results in digital format. Digital computers are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes, speeds and capacities. They have big Memory. Digital computers are commonly used in offices and educational institutions.


  • Digital watch is an example of digital computer. The time is displayed changes from
    one discrete value to the others. It does not vary continuously.
  • Score board that directly count discrete values such as the time left to play and the
    score of each team.

Hybrid Computer

A hybrid computer is a combination of both analog and digital computer. Some part of processing is done on analog computer and some part on digital computer. A hybrid computer combines the best characteristics of both the analog and digital computer. It can accept data in both analog and digital form.


Hybrid computer devices may calculate a patient’s heart function, temperature, blood pressure and other signs. This measurement may then be converted into numbers and display in digital form.

Difference between Analog and Digital Computers

The difference between analog and digital computer is as follows:

Analog ComputersDigital Computers
It provides us continuous value.It provides us discrete value.
It represents physical quantities in the of waves or in continuous form.It represents physical quantities with form the help of symbols or numbers.
It has no state.It has two states ON (1) and OFF (0).
It is difficult to use.These computers are easy to use.
It has low memory.These computers have big memory.
It has slow speed.These computers have fast speed.
It is used in engineering and science.It is used in all fields of life.
It is used to calculate analog quantities.It is used to calculate mathematical like speed; weight, height etc. and logical operations like addition, multiplication etc.
It is less reliable.It is more reliable.
Examples are a thermometer, analog clock etc.Examples are digital clocks, laptop computers and microcomputers.

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