Software for Home, Personal & Educational Use

Some software applications are specially designed for home, personal and educational use. Some examples of such applications are as follows:

1. Integrated Software

Integrated software is a set of different software applications such as word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation. The applications in the integrated software have a similar interface like software suite. The difference between integrated software and software suite is that the applications in the integrated software cannot be purchased separately. Microsoft Works is an example of integrated software.

2. Personal Finance Software

Personal finance software is used to manage the financial matters of an individual or home office. It is used to record personal income and expenses, track investments and evaluate financial plans etc. It can also generate different reports for the user to show financial transactions in different styles.

Many PFS also provide online services. The user can transfer money and pay bills using online banking. The user can also analyze home and personal loans, prepare income taxes and manage savings. Microsoft Money is an example of personal finance software.

3. Legal Software

Legal software is used to prepare legal documents. It provides legal assistance to users. It guides the user in legal matters like standard contracts and documents for buying, selling and renting property, marriage and divorce etc. Legal software also provides the facility to create customized documents. It asks important questions from user and prepares document according to the exact requirements of user. Quicken Lawyer is an example of legal software.

4. Tax Preparation Software

Tax preparation software is used to assist the user in tax matters. This software provides many tips to save or decrease the amount of tax. It asks important questions from the user and then analyzes the answers carefully. It points out important errors and guides the user to remove them. Quicken TurboTax is an example of tax preparation software.

5. Clip Art/Image Gallery

Clip art is a collection of photographs on different topics. Many applications provide clip art that can be used in documents. They also provide links to different websites that provide images. Some image galleries also contain sound, video and animations that can be used in different types of documents. Corel Gallery is an example of clip art.

6. Home Design/Landscape Software

Home design/Landscape software helps the user in designing home or landscape. It provides many predefined designs that can also be customized to a design a home. It can also provide information about the material and cost for the home. Broderbund 3D Home Design Suite is an example of home design software.

7. Educational Software

Educational software is used in the education field to learn different skills. Many software packages are available on different subjects. Students and common people can learn foreign languages and use of application software through educational software. It is also used to educate basic skills of math, reading and writing to the students of preliminary classes.

Many educational software use computer-based training (CBT) approach. CBT is a type of education in which students learn through exercises with instructional software. This approach is used in different fields to teach different skills.

8. Reference Software

Reference software contains detailed information on different topics. The users use it to find important references. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, health and travel guides are examples of reference software are. Microsoft Encarta is an example of reference software.

9. Entertainment Software

Entertainment software is used for recreation and fun. This type of software is used for enjoyment. Some examples of entertainment software are interactive games, videos etc.

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