PC Cards & Flash Memory Cards

PC card is a thin credit card size device. It is used to add memory, disk drives, sound, fax/modem, communications and other capabilities to a mobile computer like laptop. All PC Cards follows the standard developed by PCMCIA. It stands for Personal Computer Memory Card International Association.

Types of PC Cards

Three types of PC Cards are as follows:

Type I Card: It adds memory capabilities to the computer.

Type II Card: It contains communication devices such as modem.

Type In Card: It deals with the devices like hard disk. It is the thickest card.

PC Card and flash memory cards can be attached to the computer without opening the system unit and restarting the computer. The operating system automatically detects the PC Card and flash memory card as it is attached to the system. This feature is called hot plugging or hot swapping. This allows the user to add and remove devices while the computer is running.

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