Graphic and Multimedia Softwares

Engineers, architects, and graphic artists use sophisticated software to develop complex, graphics and multimedia applications. Some graphic and multimedia software applications are as follows:

1. Computer-Aided Design

Computer-aided design (CAD) software is used to create engineering, architectural and scientific designs. Engineers use CAD software to create designs for airplanes and security systems. Architects use them to design building structures and floor plans. Scientists use ürem to design drawings of molecular structure.

Three-dimensional CAD software can display an object from different angles. The scaled-down product of CAD software is designed for home user. Microsoft Video Professional and AutoDesk AutoCAD are examples of CAD software.

2. Desktop Publishing Software

Desktop publishing is the process of creating and printing documents using personal computers. Desktop publishing software (DTP) software allows the user to create sophisticated documents with text, graphics and colors etc.

The typewriter was used for creating documents before computers. Only simple text could be written using typewriter. Picture and graphics were printed using the facilities of professional printers.

Desktop publishing has made the process of printing documents very simple and easy. Personal computers are used to create documents. These documents can be printed using different types of printers. It takes less time and effort to publish documents.

Different programs are available to create high-quality documents. The user can create simple documents as well as complex and colorful pictures, graphics and charts. Adobe InDesign and Adobe PageMaker ate examples of desktop publishing software.

3. Paint/Image Editing Software

Paint’image editing software is used to create and modify graphical images, Paint software is also called illustrator software. Many professionals like graphics artists use it to draw pictures, shapes and graphical images with different tools.

Image editing software is used to modify the existing image. For example, you can change the image color and apply special effects. Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw are examples of paint/image editing software.

4. Video and Audio Editing Software

Video editing software is used to modify video clips. For example, you can change the length of video clip or add special effects.

Audio editing software is used to modify audio clips. It can produce quality audio tracks. It includes a filter to enhance audio quality. The filter removes distracting background noise and improves the quality of the audio. Adobe Premiere and Macromedia Sound Edit are examples of video and audio editing software.

5. Multimedia Authoring Software

Multimedia authoring software is also called Authorware. It is used to combine text, graphics, audio, video, and animation into an interactive presentation. The presentation created by Authorware can be used on the Web or computer. It can be used to teach the students. Macromedia Authorware and Macromedia Director are examples of multimedia authoring software.

6. Web Page Authoring Software

Web page authoring software is used to create professional web pages. The web pages may include text, images, video, audio, animation etc. Some application software such as MS Word and MS PowerPoint also provide the facility to save a document as a web page. Some examples of web page authoring software are Macromedia Dream Weaver and MS FrantPage.

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