Components of Computer

Different components of a computer system are as follows:

Input Devices

A hardware component used to enter data and instruction into a computer is called an input device. Most commonly used input devices are a keyboard, mouse, microphone, scanner, digital camera and PC camera.

  • Keyboard: Keyboard is used to enter text. It contains alphabetic, numeric and other keys for entering a different type of data.
  • Mouse: Mouse is a pointing device. It controls the pointer on the screen. The user gives instructions to the computer through the mouse. It contains different buttons.
  • Microphone: Microphone is used to enter voice into the computer.
  • Scanner: It reads printed text and graphics and translates the results in digital form.
  • Digital Camera: Digital camera is listed to take and store the picture in digital form.
  • PC Camera: PC camera is used to create movie and lake photos on the computer is also used to make a video phone call.

Output Devices

A hardware component used to display information to the user is called an output device. Most commonly used output devices are monitor, printer and speaker.

  • Monitor – Monitor is used to displaying text, graphics and video output.
  • Printer – Printer is used to display printed output on paper or transparency.
  • Speaker – Speaker is listed to hear sound, music and voice outputs.

System Unit

The system unit is a box that contains different electronic components of the computer system. It is also called a chassis. It protects the internal components from damage. The electronic circuits in the system unit are connected loy motherboard.

Important components of system unit are as follows:

  • Central Processing Unit: CPU is also called processor. It interprets and executes the instructions in the computer.
  • Memory: The hardware component that stores data and instructions temporarily is called memory. It consists of electronic chips connected to motherboard.

Storage Devices

The hardware components used to store data, instructions, and information permanently are called storage devices. Some important storage devices are a floppy disk drive, Zip drive, hard disk drive, CD-ROM drive, CD-RW drive, DVD-ROM drive etc.

Communication Devices

The hardware components used to communicate and exchange data, instructions and information with other computers are called communication devices. An important communication device is called a modem. It enables the computer to communicate with other computers via a telephone line or cable.

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