Categories of IT Professionals

A person who has adopted the field of information technology as a profession is called IT professional. IT professionals are responsible for acquiring, developing, maintaining or operating the hardware and software associated with computers and communication networks.

The eight types of IT professionals are as follows:

  • Programmers: A programmer writes computer programs and fixes errors in
  • Systems Analyst: System analyst works with the users to determine the tasks to be
    accomplished by programmers.
  • Systems Designers: System designer designs the new programs.
  • Web Designers: Web designer designs and develops applications for the Internet.
  • Project Managers: Project manager coordinates the development of programming projects.
  • Network Specialists: Network specialist works with computer networks that connect computers.
  • Trainers: Trainer provides training on software to computer users.
  • Computer Operators: Computer operator oversees the correct operation of computer
    facilities and equipment.

Responsibilities of IT Users

Following are three fundamental responsibilities of IT users:

  • Be Informed: Users have to know how computers and networks can be applied in different situations. They should know the capabilities and limitations of IT in those situations.
  • Make Proper Use of IT: Users need to take responsibility to apply IT in desirable and ethical ways. They should not disturb the privacy, rights, or well-being of others.
  • Safeguard: Users must protect data and information that are in a computer or transmitted over a network. They should protect it against intentional or accidental damage or loss, They should also safeguard all processes from failure that rely on information technology.

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