Application Softwares Exercises


Choose the item that is an example of Internet software:
a. Personal finance software
b. Video-editing program
c. Computer-assisted tutorial
d. Instant Messaging software

What type of program is QuarkXPress?
a. Desktop publishing
b. Image editing
c. Rendering
d. Internet

Encyclopedias and street maps are:
a. Multimedia and graphics software.
b. Desktop publishing programs.
c. Home and educational software
d. Presentation programs.

What is the name or Corel’s database application?
a. Corel Quattro b. Approach c. Paradox d. Access

Microsoft’s version of presentation graphics is:
a. Power Point. b. Freelance. c. Access. d. Outlook.

Which of the following will be used to create databases using Microsoft applications?
a. Paradox b. Access c. Excel d. Approach

The application type that is NOT part of Microsoft’s office suite is:
a. Word processing. b. Spreadsheet. c. Database. d. Visual studio

Creating a word processing document with spreadsheet and presentation capabilities on
one document is made possible by:
a. OLE b. ODB. c. GPL. d. UCITA.

What is the first stage in using application software?
a. Launching applications b. Installation c. Configurations d. Using menus and toolbars

What is the extension for a Web page document?
a. htm b. exe c. ppl d. xls

The exe extension is for:
a. Web pages. b. Word documents c. rich text format. d. Applications

Packages that include several applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, and
database are called:
a. Merged software b. Integrated software c. Grouped software d. Groupware

An advantage of using integrated software over individual applications is:
a. The applications are designed to work well together.
b. They have all the features of their separately packaged counterparts.
c. They apply a similar look and feel to all of their applications.
d. both a and c are correct

An application suite is:
a. A set of programs developed specifically for the client.
b. A specific stand-alone program.
c. An application designed specifically for a particular business or industry.
d. Several application programs bundled together, which are also sold separately.

The ability to automatically transfer data among applications is called:
a. Cross-registration b. Universal coding c. AutoXfer d. Iriterapplication communication

What type of software generally refers to messaging and personal information management software that helps you manage your messages, appointments, contacts, and tasks?
a. Personal information management
b. Personal digital assistant (PDA)
c. Pen-based
d. Electronic-book (e-book)

For which of the following tasks would PIM software be most useful?
a. Drafting memo b. Maintaining a schedule c. Calculating a budget d. Keeping track of recipes

Which of the following is an application suite?
a. Microsoft Office b. Microsoft Word c. Excel d. Microsoft Works

The most widely used application suite is:
a. Microsoft Office b. Microsoft Works c. ClarisWorks d. Corel Suite

Applications designed for a particular industry, like restaurants or libraries, are called:
a. Vertical market applications
b. Retail applications
c. Integrated applications
d. Horizontal-market applications

Vertical market or custom applications generally:
a. Cost more
b. are less specialized
c. Serve relatively small number of clients
d. Both a and b are correct
e. Both a and c

Database management software is most appropriate for:
a. Performing complex mathematical calculations.
b. Keeping a catalog of all inventory in stock.
c. Preparing high-quality advertisements and informational brochures.
d. Downloading important data files from the Internet.

The nearest synonym for “office suite” is:
a. Business software b. Integrated application c. Database. d. Groupware

An advantage of desktop publishing over word processing is:
a. The ability to connect to the Internet.
b. Cost savings for the typical home user.
c. Higher quality graphics and page layouts
d. Better integration with database or spreadsheet applications.

The category of software that encompasses browsers accessing the internet is:
a. Communications. b. word processing c. PIM d. Office suite.

If you want to estimate the time taken by a sequence of tasks and to track the progress of
people working on these tasks, which of the following software products would you use?
a. Microsoft Project b. Front Page c. Business Plan Pro d. Visio

CAD software is most likely to be used by:
a. Web designers. b. Engineers c. Project managers. d. Magazine editors.

Which of the following software products is the most appropriate for developing Web
a. Adobe PageMaker b. ArcSoft c. Dreamweaver d. CorelDraw

The general category of software that enables people in different locations to work together on common projects is called:
a. Project management b. Virtual reality c. Groupware d. Videoconferencing

Another term for presentation graphics is:
a. Analytical graphics.
b. Business-quality graphics
c. Charting graphics.
d. Clip-art graphics.

Fill in the Blanks

  1. __________software is used to perform business or personal tasks. Application
  2. Word processing options like fonts, margins and bulleted lists are means of __________ a document. Formatting
  3. The term __________ refers to pictures from a pre-created gallery of images that can be inserted into a word processing document. Clip art
  4. A(n) __________ in a spreadsheet file is composed of many cells. Worksheet
  5. A pre-programmed formula in a spreadsheet program is called a(n) __________. Function
  6. Spreadsheet software is useful for performing __________ analysis, in which you can change the value of input cells in order to see their effects on resulting calculations. what-if
  7. Presentation software products usually provide __________ which are preformatted slide layouts that add coordinated backgrounds, fonts, and styles to the slides of a presentation. Design-templates
  8. In database software data category such as name, address, or phone number is called a(n) __________. Field
  9. Most productivity software tools provide __________ to guide users in a step-by-step manner through performing complicated tasks. Wizards
  10. The acronym CAD stands for __________. Computer-Aided Design
  11. Training programs that require the student to operate in realistic or dangerous environments, such as teaching pilots to fly or operate complicated machinery, utilize __________ techniques. Simulation
  12. Copyrighted software that is provided without charge, usually on the Internet, is called __________. Freeware
  13. Each major revision of a software product, usually involving the addition of significant new features is called a(n) __________. Version
  14. A __________ is an instruction to the spreadsheet to perform a calculation, and it consists of values, cell references, and mathematical operations. Formula
  15. AVG and SUM are both examples of __________. Functions
  16. Another name for an electronic spreadsheet is __________. Worksheet
  17. A worksheet has thousands of numbered horizontal __________ containing cells. Rows
  18. The vertical __________ of a worksheet are identified by letter. Columns
  19. A(n) __________ of a spreadsheet is at the intersection between a row and a column. Cell
  20. An alphanumeric combination such as A25 or C11 is a(n) __________. Cell
  21. A(n) __________ contains a combination of values, cell references, and arithmetic operators. Address
  22. The cell containing a formula or function will show the resulting number as its __________. Formula
  23. The inclusion of line graphs and bar graphs in a spreadsheet is part of its __________ feature. Charting
  24. Another term for business quality graphics is __________. Presentation graphics

True / False

  1. Try before you buy software is called public domain software. F
  2. Most successful software applications are built around a metaphor of real-world tools. T
  3. Integrated software is a set of different software applications such as word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation. F
  4. Integrated packages can be purchased and used collectively and separately as desired. F
  5. Packages that include several applications such as word processing and spreadsheets are called groupware. F
  6. Web-based training (WBT) is a type of CBT with Internet technology. T
  7. One advantage of using integrated software over separate packages is that the applications included have a similar look and feel. T
  8. A software application that is used to manage personal information is called project Manager. F
  9. One advantage of using integrated software is that the applications have more features. F
  10. The parts of an integrated package have all the features of their separately packaged counterparts. F
  11. Software suites contain standalone programs that share resources with each other. T
  12. Tax Preparation software is used to prepare legal documents. F
  13. Applications designed for a specific industry like retail clothing stores or restaurants are called horizontal market applications. F
  14. MS-excel is spreadsheet software. T
  15. MS-Word is word processing software. T
  16. MS-Access is database software. T
  17. MS-Powerpoint is presentation Software. T
  18. A software suite is also called suite. T
  19. Project Management software helps companies and report their financial transaction. F
  20. Application (or productivity) software is the software that helps you to perform business or personal tasks. T

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