Application Softwares FAQs

Define application software?

Application software is a type of software that is used to perform specific tasks for the users. It is used to perform different tasks such as word-processor, a spreadsheet or database etc.

What is the relationship of application software and operating system?

The application software uses the operating system in order to function. The operating system is the base software. The application software runs on top of the operating system software.

Application software is available in how many forms?

Application software is available in the following forms:

Packaged Software – It is not developed for a particular user or organization. Examples of packaged software are word processing and spreadsheet software.
Custom Software – It is developed to meet the requirements of a particular organization or industry.
Shareware – It is is available free of cost for limited time period.
Freeware – It is available free of cost for unlimited time period.
Public Domain Software – It is a free software and is donated for public use. It has no copyright.

Give some examples of application software.

Some examples of application software are word processors, spreadsheets, databases, graphics and communications.[the_ad id=”17141″]

What is packaged software? Give example.

Packaged software is available for different types of users. It is not developed for a particular user or organization. Examples of packaged software are word processing and spreadsheet software.

What is custom software?

Custom software is developed to meet the requirements of a particular organization or industry. An organization has to develop a custom software by hiring a programmer. The cost of custom software is more than packaged software.

What is shareware software? What is the use of this software?

Shareware is a type of software that is available free of cost for a limited time period. The user can use shareware for a certain time period. The user has to purchase it if he wants to use it further. Shareware is a version of software that used by users for evaluation purpose.

What is freeware software?

Freeware is a type of software that is available free of cost for unlimited time period. Demo disks often come under this category. Many software programs are produced for educational purpose. These programs are available free of cost to all.

What is public domain software?

Public domain software is also free software. It is basically donated for public use. It has no copyright. Any person can use or distribute public domain software.

What are the differences between shareware, freeware, and public domain software?

Freeware is software that is free. It can be copyrighted. It is freely distributed but only for a trial period. After the trial period, the user has to pay fee for it or remove it from computer. Public domain software is noncopyrighted software that may be used, or even altered, without restriction.[the_ad id=”17142″]

List out different categories of software.

Different categories of application software are as follows:

Business Software – Business software is used to improve business activities.
Graphic & Multimedia Software – Engineers, architects and graphic artists use sophisticated software to develop complex graphics and multimedia applications.
Home, Personal & Educational Software – Some software applications are specially designed for home, personal and educational use.
Communication Software – Communications software are used to communicate.
Web Applications – Web applications are available on the Web.

Give some examples of business software.

Some examples of business software are word-processing software, presentation software, spreadsheet software and database software.

What is the use of word processing software?

A word processing program is used to produce letters, applications and other documents. Word processing is used in business to generate different documents.

List three names of word-processing software.

Some names of word-processing software are as follows:
MS Word
Word Star
Word Perfect[the_ad id=”17150″]

List out some uses of word processing software for office work.

Word processing software can be used to manage office work. It can be used to prepare letters, applications, notices, memorandums, meeting agendas, resumes and reports.

What is the use of spreadsheet software?

Spreadsheet software is used for calculations. It provides worksheets to enter data. A worksheet is. a collection of rows and columns. It allows you to make different calculations using formulas and built-in functions. We can also display our data using charts and figures.

List out some uses of spreadsheet software in commerce.

Spreadsheet software can be used in commerce for stock handling, accounts handling and record keeping.

List three names of spreadsheet software.

Some names of spreadsheet software are as follows:
MS Excel
Corel Quattro Pro

What is database software?

A database software is also called database management system. Database management system is a collection of programs that are used to create and maintain a database.[the_ad id=”17144″]

List three names of database software.

Some names of word-processing software are as follows:
MS Access

List out some facilities provided by database software.

Database software provides facility to define the structure of the database, store the data on some storage medium that is controlled by the DBMS and insert, delete, update and retrieve specific data for generating reports etc.

What is presentation software?

Presentation software is an application program that provides the facilities for creating a presentation. These presentations can be used directly on the computer screen. You can also print them for different uses.

List three names of presentation software.

Some names of presentation software are as follows:
MS PowerPoint
Corel Presentations
Lotus Freelance Graphics

What is the use of personal information managers?

A software application that is used to manage personal information is called a personal information manager. It includes appointment calendar, address book, notepad etc. It is used to store telephone messages, project notes, reminders, address lists, important dates and appointments.

Write the advantages & disadvantages of personal information management software?

Personal information management software allows you to store, organize, access, and edit information about contacts and scheduling easily and quickly. Such software can even be programmed to remind you of meetings, important dates. The primary problem with such software is portability. The electronic data stored can be lost. So it is critical to make backup copies of your data.[the_ad id=”17151″]

What is software suite?

A set of application software available as a single package is called software suite. When the software suite is installed, all application software in suite are installed. Normally, a software suite consists of word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation graphics.

What is the advantage of using software than individual applications?

Purchasing a software suite is comparatively less expensive than purchasing each application separately. It is also easier to use because all applications in the suite usually use similar interface.

What is the use of project management software?

Project management software is used to plan, schedule, track and analyze the events, resources and costs of a project. This software is used by different types of people to manage and complete the projects within time.

What is accounting software?

Accounting software is used to store and report financial transactions of companies. It is used to generate general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, invoicing, job costing and payroll functions. It is also used to write and print checks, update and reconcile balances on demand.

What is the use of graphic & multimedia software?

Engineers, architects, and graphic artists use sophisticated software to develop complex graphics and multimedia applications.[the_ad id=”17141″]

What is the use of computer-aided design software?

Computer-aided design (CAD) software is used to create engineering, architectural and scientific designs, Engineers use CAD software to create designs for airplanes and security systems. Architects use them to design building structures and floor plans. Scientists use them to design drawings of molecular structure.

What is the use of desktop publishing software?

Desktop publishing is the process of creating and printing documents using personal computers. Desktop publishing software allows the user to create sophisticated documents with text, graphics and colors etc.

What are the advantages of desktop publishing software?

Desktop publishing has made the process of printing documents very simple and easy. Personal computers are used to create documents. These documents can be printed using different types of printers. It takes less time and effort to publish documents.[the_ad id=”17142″]

What is the use of paint/image editing software?

Paint/Image editing software is used to create and modify graphical images. Many professionals like graphics artists use it to draw pictures, shapes and graphical images with different tools.

Why video & audio editing software are used?

Video editing software is used to modify video clips. For example, you can change the length of video clip or add special effects. Audio editing software is used to modify audio clips. It can produce quality audio tracks. It includes a filter to enhance audio quality.

What is the use of multimedia authoring software?

Multimedia authoring software it is used to combine text, graphics, audio, video and animation into an interactive presentation. The presentation created by Authorware can be used on Web or computer. It can be used to teach the students.

Which software is used to create Web pages?

Web page authoring software is used to create professional web pages. The web pages may include text, images, video, audio, animation etc. Some examples of web page authoring software are Macromedia DreamWeaver and MS FrontPage.

What is the integrated software?

Integrated software is a set of different software applications such as word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation. The applications in the integrated software have a similar interface like software suite.[the_ad id=”17150″]

Differentiate between integrated software and software suite.

The difference between integrated software and software suite is that the applications in the integrated software cannot be purchased separately. Microsoft Works is an example of integrated software.

What is personal finance software?

Personal finance software is used to manage the financial matters of an individual or home office. It is used to record personal income and expenses, track investments and evaluate financial plans etc. It can also generate different reports for the user to show financial transactions in different styles.

What is the use of legal software?

Legal software is used to prepare legal documents. It also provides legal assistance to the users. It guides the user in legal matters like standard contracts and documents for buying, selling and renting property, marriage and divorce etc.

What is tax preparation software?

Tax preparation software is used to assist the user in tax matters. This software provides many tips to save or decrease the amount of tax. Il guides the user to remove errors in tax documents. [the_ad id=”17144″]

What is the clip art/image gallery?

Clip art is a collection of photographs on different topics. Many applications provide clip art that can be used in documents. They also provide links to different websites that provide images. Some image galleries also contain sound, video and animations.

What is home design landscape software?

Home design/Landscape software helps the user in designing home or landscape. It provides many predefined designs that can also be customized to a design a home. It can also provide information about the material and cost for the home.

What is the use of educational software?

Educational software is used in the education field to learn different skills. Many software packages are available on different subjects. Students and common people can learn foreign languages and use of application software through educational software.

What is a computer-based training?

Computer-based training (CBT) is a type of education in which students learn through exercises with instructional software. This approach is used in different fields to teach different skills. [the_ad id=”17151″]

What is the reference software?

Reference software contains detailed information on different topics. The users use it to find important references. Some important examples of reference software are dictionaries, encyclopedias, health and travel guides. Microsoft Encarta is an example of reference software.

What is entertainment software?

Entertainment software is used for recreation and fun. This type of software is used for enjoyment. Some examples of entertainment software are interactive games, videos etc.

List out some software for communication.

Different types of communication software are email software, FTP, newsgroup, chatting and instant messaging.

What is email?

Email stands for electronic mail. It is the exchange of text, messages and files through Internet. Message can be in the form of graphics, sounds, video clips or simple text. It is a fast way of delivering messages anywhere in the world in a very short time.[the_ad id=”17141″]

How email can be used?

Email can be sent using an email software. This software is integrated it many suites or available for free on the Web. Email software can also be purchased from the retailer.

What is FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is used on Internet for sending files from one place to another. It is specially designed for professionals. Audio, video, graphics and data files can be uploaded or downloaded using this protocol.[the_ad id=”17142″]

What is newsgroup? How it is used?

A newsgroup is a global electronic bulletin board system. People exchange information on a vast range c. topics such as news, recreation, business, science, and computer. Newsgroup may require a new reader software. It is integrated in some operating systems, web browsers and email programs.

What is the use of chatting?

Chat programs allow users on the Internet to communicate with one another by typing messages. They are sometimes included as a feature of a Web site. The users can log into the chat room to exchange comments and information.

What is Internet Relay Chat?

Internet Relay Chat is a service through which participants can communicate to each other on hundreds of channels. These channels are usually based on specific topics. To access IRC, you must use an IRC software program.

What is instant messaging?

A variation of chat is instant messaging. With instant messaging, a user on the Web can contact another user currently logged in and start a conversation. Most famous is America Online’s Instant Messenger. ICQ is another commonly used chat program.[the_ad id=”17150″]

What is Web browser?

A browser is software that acts as an interface between the user and the Internet. It has the capability to understand HTML. It can display text and graphics. Browsers are also known as Web clients or universal clients.

What is the use of Internet telephony?

Internet telephony is used to talk to other people over the Internet. It is also called Voice over IP (VoIP): It uses the Internet to connect a calling party and one or more called parties using Internet telephone software.

What is video conferencing? Why is it used?

Videoconferencing uses video and computer technology to conduct a meeting between participants at two or more geographically separate locations. It is used for technical support, job interviews, distance leaning etc.[the_ad id=”17144″]

What is Web conference?

Web conference is a type of conferencing that uses Internet, Web browsers, and Web servers for videoconferencing. Video telephone call is used to talk while seeing one another.

What is web application?

Web application is a software application that is available on the Web. The user can use a web application by connecting to the Internet and accessing the website that provides the application. Some web applications are free to use and other applications charge fee.

What is online banking?

he process of making transactions using the Internet is called online banking. The user can • transfer money and pay bills using online banking. The user can also analyze home and personal loans, prepare income taxes and manage savings.[the_ad id=”17151″]

What is a Web-based training? What is its use?

Web-based training is a type of CBT with Internet technology. It is used to learn new skills and expertise. WBT is also frequently used in distance learning.

What is distance leaming?

Distance leaming is a type of education in which the education process and learning process occur at distant locations. Distance learning is very effective for students who live far from the educational institute. It is also less expensive way of getting education.

What is the application service provider? List out its types.

A third-party organization that manages and distributes software and services on the Web is called application service provider. Different types of application services provider are as follows:

Enterprise ASP – It customizes and delivers business applications like finance and database.
Local/Regional ASP – It provides different applications to a specific geographic area.
Specialist ASP – It provides applications for a specific business requirement like preparation of taxes.
Vertical Market ASP – It provides applications for a specific industry like construction, health care etc.
Volume Business ASP – It provides application packages like accounting and inventory etc.

What do you know about the beta version?

A preliminary version of a program that is widely distributed to users for testing the program is known as a beta version.

How wizards help software users and programmers?

Wizards are very helpful for both software users and programmers. Wizards are used to performing different tasks in an easy and predefined way. Software user can use them to perform different tasks quickly. Many IDEs provide wizards for programmers to develop programs in less time. Programmers can use these wizards to add different facilities in their programs easily.

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