Speech on My Last Day at College


  • Introduction: a cluster of happy faces: my own feelings
  • The real business is done smoothly: the spirit of farewell
  • The last view of the college: memories and recollections: everything going on as before: change of feeling towards everything: all love, no malice

In the store-house of my college memories, enriched with many pearls and pebbles collected over the last two years, the last day at the college occupies a prominent position. Every part of it is still fresh in my mind and will, I hope, remain so for many years to come. To me, it was not only the day of parting but also one of new realization.

It was a chilly but sunny day. A large number of us who had been sent up for this University Examination-over a hundred and fifty in strength- had turned up early in the forenoon to pay our fees for the final examination. The college office was yet to open. We were loitering in groups on the lawn in front of the office and enjoying the sunshine. There were clusters of happy faces all around-faces beaming with joy and hope. Everybody was discussing examination-mostly the test and casually the final. The examination was far off and everybody was hoping the best to turn out. Hence there was no sign of concern on any face. I was strolling about to meet and take Leave of friends whom, I thought, I would not see for a long time. My own feelings at the time were a mixture of gaiety and sadness. I was gay at the thought that the first phase of my college career had been successfully completed and made the best of. I could not but feel sad also because I was going to leave behind the institution where I passed two joyful years of my life adorned with various experiences and acquisitions.

Soon the college office opened. I received the application form and repaired to an adjoining room where a Professor was guiding the candidates to fill in their forms correctly. My heart was throbbing as my pen paced along the columns. So, I was going to face the second ordeal of my lifc ! Would I fare in it as well as I did in the first ? Rcpcatedly this question rose and fell in my mind. I could not find a definite answer and an unexplainable fear was hovering around my mind. This business took me about half an hour. Next I stood in one of the three queues formed to deposit fccs in three windows. Done in a disciplined manner, this did not take us much time. The clerks, unlike their formerselves, were rather good-humoured and helpful on that day. Several discrepancies were corrected on the spot and some were allowed to pay focs on the understanding of producing some essential certificates later on. On the whole an atmosphere of cordiality’ prevailcd all through. The clerks were wishing good luck to the students which the latter were reciprocating with thanks. It looked like a farewell ceremony and all secmed cager to end the day happily.

As soon as my fees were paid up, a sense of vacuum seized my mind. I had all along been feeling heavy at heart and now a cloud of depression enveloped the entire horizon. I wanted to go home to cheer myself up but felt clearly that I could not move off without taking a last look around the college.

I went first to the College Union office and sat there chatting for a few minutes. As I stepped into the room, my mind flew back to the last election of the Union. What a wave of excitement ran through the whole college, nay, the whole town! Hundreds of students moved vigorously10 day and night to secure votes for the contesting parties. What a pompous procession was taken out by the victorious party! I felt writhe in my heart and a shiver of joy running down my body. Next, I went to the common room the venue of many, many hours of priceless mirth and gaiety. I found it as busy and noisy as ever. The absence of the students of one year did not seem to have mattered at all. I visited the canteen and sipped’ a cup of tea there. here also no sign of change was visible. Next, I went to the library and saw in it the progress of silent quest for learning as ever. I walked along the rows of admirals and shelves and looked at the countless books with amazement. This vast ocean of books remained to me almost as unfathomed as it was on the first day.

On my way back home, I was passing by the staff room and the laboratory when all at once host memories of class-room business were stirred up. How often did I feel bored in the class! How often did I dislike some of the Professors because they were too much serious about their business! How much did many of us hate a Professor or two for their strictness about percentage and laboratory works. How frequently did we speak ill of the Principal because he tried to enforce discipline or turned down some of our prayers! But on this last day of all days, all those feelings had vanished. As I searched my heart, I found nothing but love for them all. Even the clerks and the bearers appeared dearer than ever. How hard they too had labored to make our college days smooth and useful And as I stepped out of the massive college gate, I felt that my heart was full of love for all, and not a bit of malice for anybody.

Genius Does What It Must, and Talent Does What It Can.

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