Function of the Press in an Islamic State

To inform, to educate and to entertain the people with religious spirit and devotion, is the basic function of the press in an Islamic state. The Islamic concept of the press provides all possible liberties within the domain of the given principles of an Islamic state.

Specifically, the domain of Islamic Democracy is the activity area of an Islamic press, there must be some limitations of one sort or another if the society is to function at all.

Islam teaches freedom, cherishes il. and guaranteed it for the Muslim as well as for the non-Muslim. The QURANIC’ concept of freedom applies to all voluntary activities of journalism Every press maintains entitled to exercise his freedom of man is conscience in the words of the Quran God says.

Let there be no compulsion in religion. Truth stands out clear from error. Whosever reflects evil and believes in God has grasped the strongest bond that never breaks And God knows and hears all things (Quran 2:256).

The Islamic concept of freedom is an article of faith a solemn command from the supreme creator. Within the framework of this Islamic concept of freedom, there is no room for religious persecution, class conflict or racial prejudice. In this framework of the Islamic concept of freedom, some taboos have been placed on the press. These are the same or almost the same as placed in the most advanced parts of the world. In other words, it converts a free press into a free responsible press in which a journalist’s conscience is subject to God only to whom every pressman is directly responsible.

The law of the Islamic society taboos publication of matter tending to undermine the security of the Islamic state or solidarity of the nation loyally and allegiance of any member of the Islamic armed forces.

A Muslim journalist should not be satisfied money by putting into print all that is fit to print in the common man’s interest; he should always attack wrong and fight for right against might. The Islamic press should reflect the spirit of the following verses of the QURAN Who invite to goodness, and enjoin right conduct and forbid indecency. (AII – IMRIN – 3:104 QURAN)

To promote goodness the Quran enunciates Help ye but one another unto righteousness and pious duty Help not one another unto sin and transgression but keep your duty to Allah. (QURAN AI-MAIDAH – 5:2)

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