Time for Peaceful Uses of Atoms Essay

By | June 14, 2019


  • Wish for peace
  • The first havoc caused by atom bomb and the realization of the terrific destruction
  • Atomic energy, an inexhaustible mine of power
  • The application of atomic energy in agriculture
  • Atomic energy in diagnosing the ills of human body
  • Atomic energy’s role in industrialization
  • Atomic energy, an alternative source of other heavy cost energies
  • The opportunities in atomic energy for Pakistan

Painfully sick of wars and bloodshed, the present – day world eagerly wishes to open in the history of human race a new page where the blessings of peace and prosperity may be written in letters of gold. Only our contemporary Atomic age can hold out such a promise unto humanity provided the Atom with unlimited potential powers is used only for peaceful purposes.

The power of Atom is a recent discovery although acquaintance with Atom is ages old. The world became acquainted with the material magic of Atomic Energy on Monday, August 6″ 1945, when two bombs wiped off Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The heedless destruction created a profound stir in political world gave a new turn to men’s thought and opened the portables of a new Atomic age for scientists.

People began to realise the terrific destruction potentialities of these new weapons and an immediate ban on the use of production of such deadly engines of war turned a question of international importance. On 24th January, 1946 the U. N. O. set up an Atomic Energy Control Commission to persuade the Great Powers to stop the manufacture of Atomic weapons and utilize the new energy only for constructive concerns.[the_ad id=”17141″]

On December 8th 1953, the late President Eisenhower addressing the General Assembly of the United Nations, while pleading for a new Atom for Peace Plan to cease international tension expressed:

“The United States Pledges before you, and therefore, before the world, its determination to help, solve the fearful atomic dilemma to devote its entire heart and mind to find the way by which the miraculous inventiveness of man shall not be dedicated to his death consecrated to his life”.

If intelligently.utilised by scientists, Atomic has a lot to offer for human benefit. It is perfectly clear that Atomic Energy can be used for peaceful purposes yielding tremendous advantages to humanity. This new force may prove a short cut to a better way of life that otherwise night not be available for centuries.

It is universally accepted that Atomic Energy is an inexhaustible mine of power. It is said, most things are wrought by prayer that this world dreams of the same may be applied to this new find. There is one caution to be taken. If, like other scientific inventions, it harnesses human beings to do whatever they will, future is certainly gloomy, for power – drunk humanity, at least quite a few among them, may cause heedless destruction. On the other hand, if this demon is kept within control, it is sure to work miracles and usher in a new era of peace and prosperity, a golden age to realise even the utopian human dreams. Although it may sound strange, all human needs may be served by the immense energy locked up in this infinitesimal part of the matter.

The application of Atomic Energy in the field of agriculture dramatically opens a new hopeful future. Today the world may be divided into two parts i. e., deficit areas and surplus zones. The former need improved methods of large – scale production to cope with the growing demands. Food is the prime necessity. Great countries like Pakistan are, at present, in the grip of a food shortage. Abundant harvests alone can keep the wolf away from Pakistan’s doors.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Present agricultural yields may be added to by thousands of tons by the use of radioactive tractors and fertilisers. Subjecting seeds to varying amounts of direct radiation may have better plants and harvests. Such judicious use of these radioactive fertilisers may mean more of mellowed fruit and a greater amount of fresh vegetables.

If man crosses two other hurdles, also, he may successfully view with angles. These are diseases and death. The eternal struggle of human beings with these is inspired by the instinct of self-preservation. Their hands may be strengthened by new tools and weapons manufactured with the help of Atomic Energy and man may be able to diagnose better the ills and evils of the human body. Radioisotopes of iodine can locate the area of brain tumor. Radioisotopes of phosphorus assist in the assessment of red blood corpuscles in a living being. The thyroid activity may be promoted with iodine thus charged. Dropsy, diabetes, certain kinds of cancers, and malignant. diseases are all likely to succumb to the invincible forces of the so far neglected Atomic Energy appears to be the future powerful partner of all medical progress. A higher standard of living for the people within its borders should be the goal of every responsible government. Improved and less costly products may make man more comfortable. Industrialization may be made more complete with the help of this cultivative, creative, supersensible and mystical faculty. Hidden flaws in heavy castings can be detected because a substance like radioactive Cobalt can, by radiation, penetrate several inches of solid metal.[the_ad id=”17150″]

Every nation now needs more power to light towns, to turn wheels, and give tools to science. Yet in many countries coal and oil supplies are dangerously low. This mystical power offers an answer to this shortage by its promises of new Atomic fuels and its capacity to reduce the transportation costs. It is said that one pound of Uranium base material is equivalent in energy to 1503 tons of coal. The commercial, potentiality of Atomic Energy is immensely capable of bringing rapid change in the production of essential necessities. The cost of generating electricity by means of Atomic power has been markedly lowered. Soon the housewives even in backward countries will touch the switch and say “Let there be light”, and behold, light will be there.

Electronic devices for many domestic operations like the laundry, sweeping, cooking, opening and shuttering of the doors, etc., which have since been evolved speak volumes for the aesthetic taste of the atomic scientist wedded to peace as against war.

Pakistan’s research in the Atomic field is a peaceful programme carried out under the control and supervision of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. Pakistan has made and is making a good deal of progress in research and in training her Physicists, Chemists and Engineers for specialized work in Atomic Energy. Among her accomplishments also, is the development of a program for the use of radioisotopes. In medicine including the diagnosis and treatment of certain types of cancers and leukemia.

Pakistan has enough Uranium to make her independent in this field. Pakistan scientists are active in the search of Atomic energy minerals and the Government grants allowances for the development of such mines. Pakistan has deposits of monazite containing thorium, which can be used like Uranium as a source of Atomic Energy.

Even the most imaginative man can scarcely conceive of the multiple uses in various spheres of life to which this tiny atom is yet to be dedicated. If this Atomic Energy is pooled with a view to human betterment, not in a very distant future, people will be tempted to call their world as nearly perfect.

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