It Is Better to Have Loved and Lost Than Never to Have Loved at All Essay

By | June 9, 2019


  • The value of experience
  • The meaning of experience
  • The importance of real love
  • The path of life filled with thorns and obstacles
  • Lover is a strong man
  • The young man unafraid of the difficulties

Experience is essential. People who are childishly innocent tend to be petty, and narrow and jealous. These do not give true and great experiences. You do not want the innocence of the child who has had no experience, who does not know what is to suffer mentally. You must be like the man who has suffered, who knows who has built.

Somehow by the word ‘experience’, we understand only pleasant experience. Experience, living one’s own life, has come to mean having pleasant sensations, satisfying all the desires of one’s body, emotion and mind. But this is only a partial connotation of the word. Experience means personal awareness of all phases of life. It includes in itself sleeping in the arms of the beloved, it also means seeing her sleeping in the arms of another, and continuing to live.

Sorrow and happiness so hand in hand. Life is incomplete if it lacks one. What we have to learn is finding the proportion of everything in its relative place and fitness in the kingdom of God. A general harmony should exist between the natural side of your life and the spiritual, leaving neither side undeveloped.

He who loved much will be loved much in return. There is nothing in the world that can give more joy and higher joy than an abundance of real love. The selfish love, that is only personal, and that must be gratified to be enjoyed, gives but a passing pleasure, the reaction of which is always a pain. When we love with such a love we are always unhappy. Purely selfish love never brings real love in return. The pure love is a source of joy, which cannot be measured.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Love course never runs smooth. Its path is filled with thorns and obstacles. Man is born to overcome difficulties. The world had little use for the weak-kneed, the faint-hearted. The world prizes the lover who carries victory in his very presence. The world honours him who overcomes opposition, which appalls weak minds. The man does not skip his difficult problems but conquers everything, which gets in his way, is always in demand.

There are people who are not willing to sacrifice a little comfort and pleasure. They have tendency to magnify difficulties. They lack stamina and grit necessary to win. These people always look for somebody to help them.
The man who begins to hunt up obstacles in his path is not a man to take hold of great enterprises. The man who stops to weigh and consider every possible danger or objection never amounts to anything. He is a small man, made for little things.

Lover is a strong man. He is the positive soul. He is determined to cut his way regardless of difficulties. He believes that life is battle, not victory. He is the weak-kneed man, the discouraged man, who turns aside, who takes a crooked path to his goal. Men, who achieve things, do not spend time haggling over perplexities or wondering whether they can overcome them. Great minds keep their eyes on the goal. They hold the end so persistently in view, and it looks so grand and desirable, that the intermediate steps, no matter how perplexing, are of comparatively little importance.

The great man does not give way to heart however dark the prospects may be. A small man holds petty difficulties so closely in view that great objects beyond are entirely out of sight. The youth who is bound to win may see difficulties, but he is not afraid of them. He feels that they are not matched for his grit. He feels within himself a power infinitely superior. He knows perfectly well that undaunted pluck can annihilate them. To his determination, they do not exist. The Alps did not exit to Napoleon, not because they were not formidable mountains, almost impassable in midwinter, but because he felt that he was greater than they. His generals could see the Alps with all their terrors and thought they are impassable, but the mighty leader saw only victory on the green plains beyond the eternal snow.

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