In Quest of Happiness – Essay

By | June 16, 2019


  • Nature giving the infinite pleasure
  • By following our spirit, countless worlds are constantly opening before us
  • By following the will of God, we will be blessed with eternal happiness
  • The life led by the law of God is the most peaceful and comfortable life
  • Happiness in our personality
  • Our optimistic attitude in suffering
  • The only way to be happy

Many are the modes of a man, and the way of his worldly sojourn is something’s rugged, sometimes smooth. There are dark moments in life, when a man almost seems to revel in gloom, and there are also bright moments when he loses himself in an ecstasy of joy. Here man turns to nature and finds a solace there. He muses upon the beauties of nature. He is inspired by nature. Here he gazes upon the starring domain of heaven and is lost in admiration. No longer, he stands on earth but he touches the creator. This connection through the agency of nature gives him infinite pleasure. Go out in the fields and clap your hands for the very joy of being alive. Every bird and flower will say to you, “be happy.” Everybody and every object of nature is an expression of some Divine idea. If we see things through the eyes of innocence and truth, if we see things as God made them, and not the distorted images which we see through the ugly glasses of our own wrong thinking and vicious living, everything would say to us, “Be happy, be successful, be harmonious.” If we were perfectly normal, we should be so contented and happy that it would be a perpetual joy. To be led by the spirit of the highest is to pass through perpetual change to pass from the good to the better from the better to the best and then higher and higher into those richer realms that infinite love has in store.

[the_ad id=”17141″]Here you will begin to imbibe yourself with the attributes of the most high and soon you will find yourself free from worries and cares. Here alone you will embrace with an infinite happiness. In such a life, there is always something new to live for, always something higher, something better to enjoy. Such a life can ever ascend into a greater and a greater measure of the highest good that life can give. The great law of life is the law of infinite life because God is the source of all laws and life.

When we follow the spirit, countless worlds are constantly opening before us, and in those worlds there are pastures green everywhere. In these we shall find nourishment for the soul, in these we shall find rest for the spirit. Then shall the soul come forth with the new strength, then shall the spirit arise with power, and the spiritual life within us shall begin its great eternal reign. And when the spirit begins its reign, the outer world takes of the beautiful life within. Adversity disappears; wrongs give place to the purity of the life divine; imperfections are lost in the dimness of the past, and the riches that we find in the pasture green of realms sublime, is reproduced in personal existence. Then we shall realize the joys of the spirit. In these lofty moments really happiness dawns upon us. The path of all life is upward and onward forever. Therefore to follow the law of life is to ever ascend into a greater and a greater measure of the highest good that life can give. The greater law of life is the law of infinite life because God is the source of all laws and life.[the_ad id=”17142″]

We, therefore, conclude that all life the God made-law will ever live in perpetual increase leads that. In such a life the greatest good in life will be enjoyed now, and that good will become higher and greater without any end. Follow the law of God in every walk of life; you will be blessed with eternal happiness. Follow the light of the Supreme in all things, and then you shall be led eternally into greater and greater things. Believe with heart and soul that you will receive everything that is necessary to the fullness and completeness to the ideal living and you will receive all these things, you have rightly understood and taken the law of God in every walk of life. You can receive an abundance of happiness if you follow “Sirat-i-Mustakeem” i.e., you should know, what to do, when to do, how to do and where to do. Here all happiness lies, the infinite never leads into trouble, sickness, adversity or pain. When we enter such conditions, we are not led by the spirit of the Most High, we are simply going away from His Spirit, and thus create the very ills from which we soon must suffer. There the one great remedy that can heal all the ills of human life is found in that wonderful statement, “Return Ye Unto God” that is to obey the law of God in every walk of life and then you will be free from fear and worry.

The life that is led by the law of God is the most peaceful, the most comfortable and the most sweetly serene of all life. It is also the most interesting as well as the most beautiful, for it is ever moving onward and onward. Such a life is great in power, limitless in capacity and wonderful in efficiency but in all things and at all times, is forever sweetly serene. Such a life is full of happiness. Here our divine nature is restored to us. We learn what we are. We discover our great inheritance.

[the_ad id=”17150″]Here we begin to soar upwards on the wings of aspirations. It gives us joy. Here we no longer live for circumstances, conditions and things, we begin to live for life itself, and we thus gain, in an ever increasing measure, all the beauty and all the power that life can give. We shall then no longer follow darkness but we shall be blessed with peace, freedom and joy. Here new life begins and all the elements of this new life contain possibilities for greater things. We actually enter a new world and the former things are passing away. What was against either disappears or changes so completely that all its power is given to the promotion of what we have in view; and those things that always were for us become stronger and stronger until we feel that limitless power is on our side. Here all the forces of life will for a greater and a greater destiny, all things will move towards the heights, want will give place to perpetual increase, sickness will give place to wholeness and strength, and adversity will give place to harmony and joy. All that is worthy and beautiful in sublime existence will begin to accumulate in your world, and life to you will be rich indeed.

The happiness is in us and within us. It consists in our personality. We must learn how to control our feelings and emotions. We must follow the path of virtuous deeds. Thus a well-balanced personality will be born and here lies all great happiness. Let us try day and night to live and die for God. Let us try to maintain harmony between feelings and reasons. Let our reason be the slave of permanent code of life given by God. Here true happiness will dawn upon you. Those who do not seek this development do not get any true lasting happiness.

Even in grief one can be happy. When I suffer, it is wrong of me to concentrate my mind only on the strain of pain. I must realize that all suffering is (in ultimate analysis) self-inflicted. Here the imagination has great power to change an unpleasant thought or experience to unpleasant thing. When you are the victim of vicious moods just say to yourself, this is all unreal. It has nothing to do with my higher and better self, for the Creator never intended me to be dominated by such dark pictures.[the_ad id=”17144″]

“Persistently recall the most delightful experience, the happiest days of your life. Look on some beautiful object in art or in nature, or read a passage in some helpful, uplifting book. Hold persistently in the mind such things as you have enjoyed. Drive out the failure thoughts by thinking of the successful things you have accomplished. Call hope to your aid, and picture a bright, successful future. Surround yourself with happy thoughts for a few minutes and you will be surprised to see how all thoughts, which have worried and haunted you have gone out of sight. They cannot bear the light. Light, joy, gladness, and harmony are your best protectors. Discord, darkness, and sickness cannot exist where they are.

How superbly the man carries himself who knows that he can work out the creator’s design each day and has no fear or doubt or anxiety as to what he can accomplish. He feels that he is master of himself. We see them and their serene souls who impress us with a sense of power and of calm. They travel towards their goal with the rhythmic majesty of the stars. They have learned how to think correctly. They have mastered the secret of successful living.

The only way to happiness is to take advantages of the little opportunities that come to us to brighten life as we go along. To postpone enjoyment day after day and year after year until we get more money or a better position is to deceive ourselves not only of present enjoyment but also of the power to enjoy in the future.

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