Essay on Ideals and Realities

By | June 16, 2019


  • Having ideal, a natural thing
  • Relationship between the real and the ideal
  • Man having the prophetic and scientific mind
  • Losing faith is a principal obstacle
  • Destiny and effort
  • The need to make the best use of the present
  • The true attitude is the attitude of positive conviction
  • Not just longing but working also
  • The process of gradual realization of our ideal
  • The world in the pursuit of able men

To have ideals is not only simple but also natural. It is just as natural for the mind to enter the ideal, as it is to live. In fact, the ideal real in every part of life is a problem. To dream of the fair, the high, the beautiful, the perfect, the sublime, that everyone can do but everyone has not learned how to make his dreams come true. The greatest philosophers and thinkers in history, with but few exceptions, have failed to apply their lofty ideas in practical living. It was not because they did not wish to, because they had not discovered the scientific relationship existing between the ideal world and the real world.

To understand the relationship that exists between the real and the ideal, the mind must have both the power of interior insight and the power of scientific analysis. But we do not find, as a rule, the prophet and the scientist in the same mind. The man who has visions and the man who can do things do not usually dwell in the same personality.

Bear in mind that every person can develop both the prophet and the scientist in himself. He can develop the power to see the ideal, and also the power to make the real. The large mind, the broad mind, the deep mind, the properly developed mind, can see both the other and the inner side of things. Such a mind can see the ideal on high, and at the same time understand how to make real, tangible, and practical what he has seen. The seeming gulf between the ideal and the real, between the soul’s vision and the power of practical action is being bridged in thousands of minds today. It is these minds who are gaining the power to make themselves and their own world as beautiful as the visions of are not for the few only. Everybody should learn how to find that path that leads to the imperfections of present conditions to the world of ideal conditions.[the_ad id=”17141″]

In fact, when the simple law that unites the ideal and the real is understood and applied, it matters not how lofty our minds and our visions may be, we can make them all come true.

To proceed, the principal obstacle must first be removed. The principal obstacle is to lose faith. This tendency is present to some degree in nearly every mind that is working for greater things.

Those who are drenched with faith and determination do not fall down before obstacles. They inwardly know that every effort they make, will reach the goal. They do not harbor fear in their hearts. We must remember that fear and despondency retard our progress.

The time of waiting may seem long when the mind is down, but so long as the mind is on the height the waiting time disappears in this connection we should remember that the more frequently we permit the mind to fall down into fears and doubts, the longer we shall have to wait for the realization of the ideal. The more we live in the upper story of life the sooner we shall reach the goal in view.

There are many who give up all efforts towards reaching their ideals. They believe that it is useless to fight against destiny. They forget that nothing is fated, everything is formed, they deceive themselves by saying that nothing is gained by trying. Such minds should realize the great fact that every ideal can be made real, because nothing is impossible. Let me inculcate the following lines in your minds.

O youths of Islam

Be up and doing

Why lie down and loose

Now straighten your backs

Now unbend your knees

For the downtrodden Man

Rise like towering trees

And make the whole wide world

Again One Human Commonwealth

Sound in body politic

Fit in mental health

It is this conscious, continuous

Ceaseless endeavour

Over the east and the west

Puts the Memin in power

And not the narcissistic contemplation

Dumb and mute

In the end degrading man

In a butt irresolute

Please ‘act’ in love

Why sigh in love?

Please live in love

Why “die” in love?

[the_ad id=”17142″]What the Qalander says

Is true to life

“The effort is thy fate”

Hence strive and strive

To reach any desired goal, the doing of certain things is necessary. We should make the best use of the present. If we give up in the present, we always make the obstacles in our way. The mind that gives up becomes smaller and smaller.

It loses the ability, capacity and power. It becomes less and less competent to cope with the problems at hand. When we cease to move forward, we begin to move backward. So long as we continue to pursue the ideal we ascend into larger and larger mental states. Thus, we increase our power to make real the ideals that are before us. The belief that it is impossible to make real the ideal has no foundation whatever in truth. It is simply an illusion produced by fear, and has no place in the exact science of life. When you discern ideal, you discover something that lies in your own onward path. Fear, doubt, discouragement and indifference retard this forward movement. We shall find it most profitable to remove those mental states absolutely.

The true attitude is the attitude of positive conviction. Live in the strong conviction that whatever we see before us in the ideal will positively be realized. To move forward during the great eternal now is necessary. To begin to move forward is to begin to make real the ideal.

If all the time and all the energy that is wasted in longing and longing, yearning and yearning, were employed in scientific, practical, self-development, the average person would in a short time become as perfect as his ideal. When we attain the ideal and the beautiful in our own natures, we shall meet the ideal and the beautiful whenever we may go in the world. We will find the same things in the real that we dreamed of in the ideal. When we see an ideal, we usually begin to long for it.

We hope that something remarkable may happen so as to bring it into our possession. Thus we continue to long and yearn and wait with period of despondency intervening. We simply use up time and energy to no avail. When we see an ideal, the proper course to pursue is to begin at once to develop that ideal in our own nature. We should never stop to wait and see whether it is coming true or not. We should never stop to figure how much time it may require to reach our goal. The secret is, begin now to be like your ideas, and at the proper time that ideal will be made real.[the_ad id=”17150″]

Why fish in the air

And dream in vain?

Why waste your life

Like a rueful swalin?

Why “think” and shrink?

Why pine and “burn”?

Not move an inch

Not learn to earn!

Real progress is eternal. It is a forward movement that is continuous now. To live in the life of eternal progress is to gain ground every moment.

Such a mind will not only live in the perpetual increase of everything that heart can wish for, but will also realize perpetually the greatest joy of all joys – the joy of going on. The discouraged mind is the mind that lives in the emptiness of life.

When we discern an ideal, that ideal has come within the circle of our own capacity for development, and the power to develop that ideal in ourselves is therefore at hand. The mind never discerns those ideals that are beyond the possibility of present development. Thus we realize that when an ideal is discerned, it is positive proof that we have the power to make it real now.

To live in negative idealism is to continue to dream on without seeing a single dream come true. But when the ideals in our own natures become strong, and positive, our dreams will soon come true.

We receive an ideal only when we become just like that ideal. If we seek better friends, we shall surely find them and retain them, if we develop higher degrees of friendship. If we wish to associate with refined people, we must become mere refined in action, thought and speech. If we wish to reach our ideals in the world of achievement, we must develop the greater ability, capacity and power. If we desire better environments, we must not only learn to appreciate the beautiful but must also develop the power to produce those things that have true quality, high worth and real superiority. The great secret is to become more useful in the world. He who gives his best to the world will receive the best in return.[the_ad id=”17144″]

The world needs able men and women. The world needs people who can do things that are thoroughly worthwhile: Men are wanted who can think great thoughts and transform such thoughts into great deeds. The world is badly in need of such an exalted man who can glorify “ought” into “can”. After securing such men and women the world will give anything that it may hold in its possession. To make real the Ideal, proceed to develop greatness, superiority, and high worth in your self. Train the mind to dwell constantly upon the borderland of the highest ideals that you can see and do not covet what has not yet become your own. Proceed to remake yourself into the likeness of that ideal and it will become your own. To proceed with this great development, the whole of life must be changed to conform to the exact science of life. Think of the ideal as if it was real and you will find it to be real. Meet all things as if they contain the ideal, and you will find that all things will present their ideals to you, not simply as mere pictures, but as realities.


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