Essay on Exuberance Is Beauty

By | June 9, 2019


  • The faculty of humour
  • The result of good laugh
  • Face expressions of businessmen
  • Sunny soul is always welcomed
  • The virtue to help others
  • The loss of the power of laughter
  • Joyous people are the longest lived
  • The expression of a sensitive face
  • Miracles performed by cheerful people
  • The real beauty
  • The cheerful personality wins the friendship
  • Need to examine our face expression

The faculty of humor was given us to be developed as much as the faculty for earning a living. It is as much our duty to develop the mirth-loving faculty as the mathematical or language faculty. This Beauty ought to be developed and stimulated. It is the great medicine of the mind. It is the great up lifter and lubricator. It is the best tonic for the body.

The love of cheerfulness is a beautiful element. This is the wealth of joy. A good laugh does away with cares, worries, and doubts. It relieves the great strain of modern world. This hopeful man sees success where others see failure; he sees sunshine where others see shadows and storm. If the child were only brought up with the idea that the principal thing in life is to be cheerful under all circumstances, it would soon revolutionize our civilization.

One who studies the faces of business and professional men in our cities cannot but be impressed with their seriousness. Even in restaurants, at lunch counters, men do not forget the serious die of life. They eat with long faces. They are thinking, thinking, worrying, worrying, planning, planning and so on. The almighty dollar is a serious subject, forbidding laughter. Yet the pessimist repels trade and new business. The cheerful, on the other hand attracts it. There is a great drawing power in optimism. The hopeful man sees success where others see failure; he sees sunshine where others see shadows and storm.[the_ad id=”17141″]

How glad we all welcome a sunny soul! We are never too busy to see him. There is nothing we welcome so much as sunshine. It is a priceless gift to be able to possess a calm, serene, sweet soul, which soothes, enriches and is a perpetual balm to the hurts of the world. These souls reassure us. We seem to touch power and sympathy when they are with us and we love to go near them when in trouble. They breathe a medical balm that soothes the wounds and hurts of the hearts.

There is one success possible to the humblest man and the poorest woman and that is to go through life with a smiling face and to scatter the flowers of kindness on every hand. The habit of feeling kindly towards everybody, of carrying about a helpful manner, an expression of love, of kindness, in one’s very face and a desire to help and cheer is worth a fortune to young man or young woman trying to get on. The wearer of smiles and the bearer of a kindly disposition needs no introduction but is welcomed everywhere.

There is nothing wanted so much in the world as sunshine and the greatest wealth is a cheerful and helpful disposition. This is the riches, which blesses not only the possessor but also everyone with whom he associates. Everybody is rich who knows or comes in contact with the millionaire of good cheer, and the more he gives of his wealth, the more it multiplies. It is like the seed put into the soil, the more one sows, the greater harvest. “Do not look on life through a smoke glass”.

It is sinful to suppress the mirthful tendencies in young people. A serious and sober face on a child should be unthinkable. It is incompatible with God’s plan. Care, anxiety and worry in a young face show that somebody is at fault. Many people have ruined their power of laughter. They have no rebound, no elasticity. To them the sense of humour is a weakness. It is inconsistent with the dead in earnest, sober life. Life is a thing to be taken seriously, they say. These people feel the weight of the woes of the world. They are loaded-down with this responsibility. They cannot understand how anybody can take such a light view of life as to spend time in fun making. They give us the impression that the whole universe would stop. They go round with a serious aggrieved air as though the world rested upon their shoulders.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Joyous people are not only the happiest but the longest-lived. They are also the most useful and the most successful. The little strain of humour oils life’s machinery. It makes it run smoothly. Cheerfulness is the great medicine of the mind. It is the best tonic for the body. The habit of looking on the sunny side, the laughter side of things is a fortune in itself. I would rather be a millionaire of cheerfulness and sunshine than of dollars.

Nothing seems more out of place than the presence of temper wrinkles on a woman’s face, where man looks for the lovely. A bad temper is a beauty killer in which no woman can afford to indulge. It will soon transform the most charming face into ugly repulsive. Sweetness and beauty will not live long with a bad temper. Physiologist and physicians say that the sensitive face is the first to record any disturbance or irritation in the nervous system. Nerve energy is spent in every such indulgence in ill temper. The eyes betray it in the loss of luster. The flabby muscles show it. The telltale wrinkles reveal the internal conditions which cause them.

Everyone prizes physical and mental comfort. Permanent peace makes the ideal home. And a bad temper, which is likely to explode at the slightest irritation, is almost dangerous to the safety of the household.

We all know remarkable people who have the wonderful faculty of turning the common water of life into the most delicious wine. Some people turn everything they touch into vinegar, others into honey. Somë minds transmute the most somber hues into the most gorgeous tints. Their presence is a tonic. Their entrance into the home is like the coming of the sun. They radiate joy and harmony. Their smile acts upon one like magic, and dispels all the fog, gloom and despair. They seem to raise manhood and womanhood to a higher power.[the_ad id=”17150″]

Others have just the opposite effect. Their presence depresses. Everything about them is chilly and forbidding. They dry up though. One cannot think or be natural when with them. Their sarcasm irony, detractions and pessimism repel and one shrinks from them. I know a girl who has the most irregular feature. She is a very unattractive figure. But she has cultivated gracious and sweet manners. She is so cheerful that one is unconscious of her physical defects. The moment she speaks, you are charmed. It is more than a match for beauty. Here is a real beauty. It will not fade with time. It is attainable to a large degree by the plainest girl. It is a beauty, which you can carry with you into old age. It is a beauty, which will drive away old age. For a sunny heart, a mind, which is always cheerful and hopeful and sympathetic, age, has little in common. No matter how plain you are, cultivate soul beauty, beauty that is more than skin deep. It is an expression of spirit which time cannot tarnish or erase, It is beauty, which enriches who comes in contact with you.[the_ad id=”17144″]

Who can estimate the real wealth, which inheres in cheerful characters? These fine characters carry sunshine wherever they go. No gloom or discouragement can ever exist in his or her presence. Everything coarse and brutal flees before them as darkness and gloom flee before the rising sun. The greatest blessing possible to morals is the sweetness in life, which radiates from a fine and exquisite personality. All other things add away before its touch is like magic to win friendship, influence and power.

What kind of expression do you wear habitually? ]It is sour, morose and repellant? Is it a mean and intolerant expression? Do you wear the expression of a bulldog, a grasping, greedy, hungry expression that indicates an avaricious nature? Do you go about among your employees or associates with a thundercloud expression, a melancholy hopeless look on your face? Or do you wear the sunshine expression, which radiates the feeling of good will? Do people smile and look happier when you approach them, or do they shrink from you?

It makes all the difference in the world to you and to those whom you influence what kind of an expression you wear.

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