Essay on Discontent and Unhappiness Among the Youth

By | June 9, 2019

Education breeds discontent, and discontent tends to make people unhappy. Thus the spread of education is dis-service to nation?


  • Great object of education
  • Treacherous mind
  • The aim of education is to develop man along the line of his noblest nature
  • The developing of nobler character
  • Man cannot live by bread alone
  • Education breeding discontent is a poison to mankind
  • Education’s chief aim is to broaden the mind

The great object of education is to eliminate brute nature and develop the real man. The youth who starts out his education with a view to make a fortune trampling under his feet the permanent values ruins his ego. The youth who is blind with grasping passion to get and to hold and to give nothing in return kills his soul. This will crush out all his finer sensibilities and noble instincts. The man who is always scheming, planning to get the better of somebody else will unconsciously blight and wither up the fine qualities. He will be away from the principles of the Golden Rule.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The mind that is being constantly trained in shrewdness, sharpness, sagacity and cunning, develops only brute qualities. The mind that is ever on the alert to take advantage of a competitor’s weakness breeds fret and fume. The mind that is trained to see real value only in money and to take advantage of other’s weakness and misfortunes breeds discontent. The training, which teaches a youth to use those who have fallen in the race as stepping-stones to his own elevation, is a process of education, which develops only the brute qualities and dwarfs or destroys soul growth.

The supreme object of education is to develop man along the line of his noblest nature, so that he will not only be keen, sagacious, and shrewd, but broad minded, and balanced personality. The properly educated youth will naturally express in his life the principles of the Golden Rule. He will recognize that the highest good for each lies in mutual reciprocity. An education, which does not bring sweetness and light, harmony and power into the life, is no education at all. It is totally disservice to man.

A noble character cannot be developed under the shadow of low, sordid aim. The ideal must be high. The purpose must be strong, worthy and true or the life will be a failure. The man who is constantly scheming and planning to get the better of his neighbour, to drive a bargain in which the advantage will be all on his side, can never attain the dignity and grandeur of true manhood.

Man is not a brute. To draw in and blow out the breath, and to eat and drink is not living. A man cannot live by bread alone. The aesthetic faculties, the inspiring instincts in a welldeveloped man are ever more imperious in their demands for the true and the beautiful, for the higher and nobler, than is the body for the material food. It is as natural for the soul to aspire as it is for a blade of grass or a tree to grow upward.

When we see a boy or girl seizing every spare moment and every half improvement, we are confident that they mean to gather riches, which will not take wings. Is there anything grander in this world than to see a young person who is trying to make his life or older, sweeter, cleaner and truer?[the_ad id=”17142″]

The education, which breeds discontent, is a poison to mankind. It will make man a wrong-thinker. Wrong thinking is indicative of weakness. It cripples us mentally. It breeds selfishness, jealousy, and envy, which tend to produce serious liver troubles. It will lessen the will power. It will induce grave disorders. It carries gloom and unhappiness. The discontent breed’s wrong thinking. It affects the character and material prospects equally. The victim of discontent grumbles every time. He loses his temper. Every time he does a mean thing. Every time he goes out of sorts. He flies into a rage. Education’s chief aim is to broaden the mind because a man’s life in its totality proceeds from his failure, joy or sorrow, happiness or misery, has its origin in your mind. The mind of man is the great Architect of his fate. Positive thought is a force while negative thought breed’s discontent of mind. Discontent is a terrible waster of life.

Cultivation of the mind is as necessary as food to the body. A perfect physical body without a cultured mind is indeed an empty shell. The education, which breeds nothing but slaves to passions, is disservice to nation, such as education dwarfs and soul growth. In this atmosphere, every member of the society runs madly after wealth and selfishness prevails everywhere. Every one tries to deceive the others. Crimes are born. The education, which creates such a society, must be banned because it strangles man’s dormant possibilities.

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