War Is Necessary for Peace Essay

By | May 15, 2019

The victories of Peace are no less than the victories war’.

War is anti-thesis of Peace. War is destructive, peace is con structive. War destroys, Peace preserves. War calls in beast in man; Peace makes man civilized. War creates hatred; Peace promoters love and friendship. War causes bloodshed, peace brings progress and prosperity. War is a blight on our civilization, Peace is mother of civilization.

Inspite of all the evils of war, nations go to war. They do not know how to settle the matters peacefully and amicably. War is a part of high politics. Though we are proud of our continuous march along the path of civilization, we have not succeeded to put a stop on wars. On the contrary, nations are constantly on the look out for new means, not for the good of mankind, but for the destruction of human beings in wars. In war, people are killed like flies. As long a man is engaged in this shabby affair, he takes pleasure in inflicting untold pains and miseries on his fellow beings.

It is said: All is fair in love and war. Beside the irreparable loss of human lives and property, all the social and economic activities come to stand still. All the energy and efforts are concentrated on producing more war material. Education, scientific research, inventions and arts all suffer. Moreover, the flower or the cream of the nation – the young soldiers, is destroyed in wars. War destroys the morale of the people. In a modern war, it is victory of the death over the dead.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The after-effects of war are more shocking and all the more dangerous. Diseases, poverty, moral corruption become rampant: The very moral fabric of the society its destroyed. The world had witnessed the worst examples of these evils in Germany and Japan. This is not at all an overdrawn picture of war. People long for peace and raise their hand in prayers. The victories of peace are no less than the victories of war.

In the first place, peace is indispensable for human progress. All the mighty inventions of science and creations of Arts are the victories of Peace. No industrial activities and educational pursuits are possible without peace.

All social and economic progress the world has witnessed, are the blessings, of peace. Humanity can not survive without love and peace. Human greatness consists in elevating others and not in disabling others, in promoting virtues like love, friendship, altruism and mutual respect and cooperation. Peace gives us the message of universal brother-hood and friendship. Indeed, Peace is helpmate of civilization. Peace and progress walk hand in hand.

The question comes have we learnt any lessons from the last two Great Wars? The answer is in negative. The present arms-race among the nations has reduced the whole world into a huge war camp, with immense war material strewed about. It is waiting only for a match stick, some simple or trifle cause or excuse. Another world war shall mean complete wiping out of the human species from the surface of this earth. It shall definitely be a curse from Above.

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