Value of Tolerance Essay in English

By | May 12, 2019

Islam enjoins tolerance on the believers. It is both a moral and social virtue. The whole lie of the Holy Prophet was full of tolerance with the non-believers and enemies. Tolerance calls for endurance, patience, forgiveness and forbearance. All these virtues are essential for leading good and happy life.

One can not always do what suits and pleases him. He can not do as he wills. His actions and deeds are limited and circumscribed by the rights and actions of others. Life, indeed, is a big compromise. It calls for tolerance and patience. Religious tolerance demands respect for the beliefs and creeds of others. It leads to welfare and peace in a mixed society, Quaid-e-Azam’s words: “You are free to go to your churches, to your temples in the state of Pakistan”, bring out Islamic spirit of tolerance, respect for the rights of the minorities.

Life is a big compromise. No compromise is possible without spirit of tolerance. Parents have to compromise with children. They may dislike something, but they have to submit to children’s demands. There are family quarrels. Patch up and compromise lead to peace and good will. It requires tolerance. Litigation comes to an end after compromise between the two parties. We have to put up with the neighbours. All these acts demand the spirit of give and take-tolerance.

Do to others as you would like others to do you’, is a wise maxim. It is impossible without a spirit of endurance and tolerance. Tolerance teaches respect for views and opinions of others. Without tolerance, we can not win others. In social life. we have to accommodate each other. One good turn leads to many, by following the principle of give and take Psychologically tolerance helps in collective thinking. Collective thinking is indispensable for national survival.[the_ad id=”17141″]

We are living in a world of widening horizons. Political tolerance is essential for international goodwill and peace. There can not peace without following the policy of ‘Live and let live’. Political intolerance leads to tension, to war. The present state of tension in the world is the result of an undesirable policy of pull and push. The Charter of Human Rights is based on the principle of brother-hood and tolerance.

In a country like Pakistan tolerance is a must for national unity and survival. Intolerance has given birth to regionalism and disintegration. The slogans of rightists and leftist teach to fly at each other’s throat. The present confrontation between the Rulers and Opposition is the result of intolerance, hatred and political tug-of-war. The political parties are devoid of patriotic sense. The rowdism of public meetings has now entered the Assemblies. The country’s enemies laugh at us. There cannot be national stability without spirit of tolerance and give and take. It is need of the time.

Tolerance teaches us to put our hearts together instead of putting our heads together.

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