Value of Games in Student Life Essay

By | May 12, 2019

Play is an instinctive activity in which all the living beings take part. The beating of legs and hands of the infants, the jumping and skipping of the young ones of animals and hopping and plucking of the birds are instinctive activities. They are signs of their well being. Games are organized and systematic form of play.

Games play a very important role in the scheme of ‘To keep-fit. They are essential part of school and college extracurricular activities. It is a famous saying

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’.

No education is complete without physical cultures. ‘Catch them young’ is a wise policy.

Games and sports should be compulsory for the students. They have a great value in character and personality building. They channelize the surplus energy of the youths in right directions. There are special youth clubs in Russia, America, Japan and Korea. They give physical training to promising youths. This also saves them from the vagaries of youth. In Pakistan these physical activities are neglected and not well organized. This has resulted in great lawlessness and indiscipline among the students.

Games have several physical mental and moral advantages. No body can deny the value of games in national character building outdoors nations are judged on the playground. Victory on the field brings honor and glory to the country. Players and sportsmen are like wandering ambassadors of the country. Games promote international amity, friendship, brother-hood and peace. [the_ad id=”17141″]

Physically games are best from of exercise. The outdoor games – cricket, hockey, football, volleyball and athletics are popular all over the world. By playing games, coordination of movements of limbs of the body is produced. They develop and build the muscles, strengthen the limbs and the lungs.

Running and deep breathing are conducive to health. Mentally, players develop the sense of quick and right decisions. They form the habit of right thinking. Foul play, under-hand tactics penalize and right down the players. A true sportsman hates to hit below the belt, or a stoop low. Sportsman spirit is the most valuable gain. A good sportsman never plays foul in life. He is also a good citizen.

Games have great moral value. They help in character building. They teach lessons of mutual-help, co-operation, perseverance and obedience to laws. A good sportsman always obeys the referee and rules of the game. They foster sense of punctuality, justice and fair play. Above all, games are best means of teaching discipline. No people can be called civilized without respect for laws and rules of discipline. All these qualities are essential in leading good and successful life.

Sometimes injuries and accidents do take place while playing games. Overindulgence in games is a waste of time. Play while you should play and work while you should work, is the golden rule for students. It can be summed up in Quaide-Azam’s words.

“Remember, to win is not so important, one can not always win. It is the efforts and the spirit behind the efforts that count”.

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