Tolerance Is the Strength of Society Essay

By | May 16, 2019


  • Introduction
  • Teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)
  • A great virtue
  • Need of tolerance in society
  • Universal brotherhood for a global world
  • Dire need of tolerance in Pakistan
  • Conclusion

Tolerance is defined as an attitude of mind which means putting up with other people irrespective of racial, psychological and religious differences. Tolerance is the basic principle of the ideology of Pakistan. Pakistan was achieved in the name of Islam. The Holy Prophet PBUH thought tolerance when hatred and apathy were the order of the day. Tolerance is not a weakness but a virtue par excellence. It can help different races and classes resolve there differences amicably and work together for the welfare of human beings.

Man is a social animal. He can not live along. He must depend on others for his survival. He must cooperate and seek help from others. Every affair of his life is strongly connected with other human beings. There is no way for him except that he must live peacefully with others. As there is diversity in attitude, liking, thoughts and approaches, It is essential to tolerate one another recently. We should acknowledge the right of other to have different approach then ours and we should accept it wholeheartedly.

Nowadays, it is difficult to separate one nation from other, because all the nations are almost mixed up. The European have prejudice against the Muslims. They can not tolerate the existence of any Muslim state in Europe. War in Bosnia is a vivid example of their fanaticism. Experts emphasis the need of tolerance for peaceful coexistence. If we have to save the world civilization from collapse, we will have to the discard racial, Psychological and political prejudices. Tolerance, sympathy, art and culture can achieve universal brotherhood.

The modern world is sharply divided into races, nations, classes, colors and sects. There are two solution of the problem one is the Nazi approach, which is the extermination of the opponents. The other is mutual tolerance. Nazi solution has failed to achieved its aim. It is the time we should try the second solution.

Unfortunately, in Pakistan, regionalism is emerging. Political atmosphere is highly charged. Democratic traditions have not yet developed. Sectarianism is rapidly growing. Ethnic feelings have increased. All these trends are posing serious threat to the integrity of the system and the country.

In these circumstances, we need tolerance and goodwill. Political, social and religious harmony can be achieved only through tolerance. We should tolerate each other and learn to live to harmony.

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