Three Hours in the Exam Hall Essay

By | May 13, 2019

Examinations used to be real tests and trails for the students in the past. Now-a-days they have become farce and fun. The old generation set with heads down and the mind busy. The new generation tries to keep the head up and mind free. Movements and motions were generally debarred for the examinees. Mobility and malpractices have become the current habits. Silence ruled in the examination hall. Now noises dominate the scene. It is indeed, a change for the worst.

Three hours in the examination is a common experience. All students have to take exams at regular and appointed periods. The Boards and the University prepare the necessary programmes. Centres and roll numbers are assigned to the students. Examination rules are little obeyed and much violated. The existing examination system has completely failed in assessing the attainments and knowledge of the students. Examinations have become rather a test of students’ dishonesty and use of unfair means than of their attainments.

The above facts are corroborated by my three hours experience in the examination hall. I reached the examination center half an hour earlier the scheduled time. The bell rang. I entered the hall drowzily due to late studies. The students sat on their allotted seats and the invigilators distributed the scripts. There were about sixty examinees in the hall. My heart was beating fast and I was little nervous. The papers were distributed at the stroke of the bell. For some time there was complete silence in the hall. Perhaps it was a sign of the coming storm. The invigilators checked Admit Cards and signed. [the_ad id=”17141″]

Hardly half an hour had passed, when whispering and muttering were heard. The invigilators warned but in vain. I was busy head- down. As I looked left and right, I found my friends with torn pages of books under their scripts. The noises gradually gathered momentum. The workers were busy in writing, but the shirkers started to be excused for easing.

Some even signaled for smoking. The poor invigilators had to submit. Talking and copying disturbed the peace. A student leader also threatened the Sir and took out a Knife. The centre Supervisor intervened and turned out the mischief maker.

Two hours had passed, I was looking into my watch again and again. To my great surprise, I saw the waterman passing some papers to my neighbour from under the glass of water. They have solved answers from out side The Lady Invigilator stood as a silent spectator. The chap was son of a Political Leader. One of the Invagilator Mr. Khan was very strict. The students sat helplessly in his beat. I also got myself excused when I entered the W.C., it was littered with micro prints, torn pages and disfigured books. What a shame for the student community!

The time was nearing the end. The debarred student leader stormed into the hall with some companions. Most of the students had already submitted their answer books and left the hall. He tried to snatch and tear the scripts; but he was over powered by the police. I left the hall with worried thoughts: ‘What is going to happen to the nations?’ A bleak future!

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