The Prophet of Islam English Essay

Muhammad (SAW descended from the lineage of great Prophets, Ibrahim, and Ismail (AS). He was born in a noble Hashemite family at Mecca, 53 years before Hijra, on 15th April, 571 A.D. The name of his father was Abdullah and the name of his illustrious mother was Amina. He was’a posthumous child as his father had died before his birth. He was brought up by his grandfather Abdul Muttalib and then protected by his loving uncles Abu Talib after the death of the grandfather.

As a boy, he traveled with his uncle to Syria with a merchants’ Caravan. Some years after he isn’t on the same journey in the service’ of a wealthy widow Khadija. On his faithful and honest transactions and good report of her old servant who had accompanied him, she married him. She was forty and Muhammad (SAW), was only twenty-five. The marriage proved very happy. For 96 years of married life he remained devoted to her. The marriage gave him rank among the nobles of Mecca and earned him the name of Al-Amin (The Trustworthy).

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The people of Arabia were backward and plunged in darkness. They were idol worshipers and the House of God (Kaba) was polluted by 300 idols. He was Hanfa (those who turned away) or the uprights. He had the habit of retiring to a cave (Garey Hira) for meditation. It was in seclusion at Hira when he received the first revelation when he was forty. The Voice said, ‘Read’ (Iqra); read in the name of Allah’. When he saw the angel Gabriel standing before him, he fell in a trance. He was Allah’s last prophet and put the seal on Prophethood. The Quresh became his sworn enemy as he preached against their false gods. He could not preach openly. They inflicted all kinds of injuries and pains on him. Ultimately he was forced to flee to Madina (Yathrib) when he was forty-three. This is called the Hijrat. The Muslim calendar begins with the event and called Hijri. The people of Madina welcome him. The Jew sooth-sayers had already announced the advent of the Holy Prophet (SAW). [the_ad id=”17141″]

Allah’s Chosen prophet was a kind and loving ruler, wise administrator, brave soldier, and a practical man. He had led and fought several battles and Gujvas. The famous battles are Badar, Oudh, Hunain (Khandak). He was calm and humble in victory and kind and considerate to the enemies. After his victorious march into Mecca, he pardoned his old enemies. He broke the idols of false gods and cleaned the sanctuary (Kaba) from idols. He was respectful towards the minorities who enjoyed full freedom of faith.

He gave the lessons of love, tolerance, peace, equality, justice and brotherhood to mankind. He has rightly been called the blessing for the whole of mankind (Rahmat-ul-Alemeen). He gave the philosophy to his followers, the believers; You are for the world but the world is not for you’. According to the commandments of Allah he enjoined Salat (Prayer), Roza (fasting), Zakat (poor Due), Haj (Pilgrimage) and Jihad (Crusade). All his words and actions were The translation of words of God There is no God but Allah’ is article of faith for the Muslims.

The Prophet was a devoted husband, a loving father, a wise ruler and an ambassador of Peace. His footsteps were heard not only on the earth but also in Heaven. His Ascension was a great miracle. The holy Quran is a running commentary on his life. Al-Quran means the Reading – the reading by the man who did not know how to read.

He helped the poor and the needy. He elevated the position of the women as daughters, wives and mothers. He taught to respect and kindness to parents and restored to the dignity of the orphans.

The holy prophet (SAW) breathed his last on the day of his birth 12th Rabi-ul-Awal at the age of sixty-three. He was the crown and glory of mankind. May God bless his soul. Ameen!

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