The Impact of Science on War Essay

We are proud of our constant march along the path of civilization, but we have not done anything to put a stop on wars. On the Contrary, we are constantly on the look out to invent new means, not for the good of mankind but for the destruction of humanity in wars. War calls in beast in man. He takes pleasure in inflicting untold pains and miseries on his follow beings. Human beings are killed like flies in wars.

Instead of settling the differences amicably and with love, nations go to wars. As long as they are engaged in this shabby affair, they commit most unscrupulous and criminal acts against humanity. War teaches us to fly at each others throat. It is a result of high politics. Attempts to stop wars, have often failed. The UNO has not yet succeeded in stopping wars and establishing lasting peace.

The various causes of wars are Pride, fear, hatred jealousy and narrow-mindedness. The powerful and big nations are proud of military force. The smaller nations are afraid of the big ones. Nowadays, the most important economic cause is Surplus’. The advanced nations have exceeded their requirements. The ‘surplus’ is being sold to the other nations by creating confrontation among the neighboring countries. Middle-East war is the glaring example of a dirty policy. [the_ad id=”17141″]

At present the whole world is like a huge war camp with the war material strewed about, waiting for a match stick, a trifle cause. North and South Korea, China and Japan, India and Pakistan and Israel and Arabs are the potential war-zones. The splitting of Russia has reduced the grave danger of war between America and the USSR. But the War-potentials are still there. Nationalism still poses a great danger to world peace.

The present ‘surplus’ is the result of war-technology. Science has put immense powers in the hands of nations to destroy themselves, a punishment from Above. Science has made war more cruel, expeditious and extensive. Modern war is a totalitarian warfare. All, soldiers and civilian, fighters and non-fighters come under the spell of war. Air, land and oceans echo with the noises of war weapons. The next world war shall be a three fold warfare-mechanical, chemical and biological (germenical bombs). Science has put colossal power in the hands of the nations.

Twentieth century is a century of science and war. The Present Arms race among the big nations is the greatest danger signal for War. Science harnessed war technology shall lead to atomic war weapons-ships and submarines, warplanes, long-range missiles, poisonous gases, atom and hydrogen bombs, laser rays and germinal bombs and other secret war weapons behind Star War. In a modern war, it is the victory of the dying over the dead. Oh victory! what crimes are committed in thy name.

The after effects of war are all the more shocking and terrible. war destroys the whole moral texture of society. Poverty, diseases and social crimes are beyond human control. The horrors of war are indescribable.

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