Some Recollection of my childhood Essay

‘Child is father of Man’


The above paradox is correct for child of today is father of tómarrow. Children are the greatest blessings of God. In fact, they are the climax of married love.

There are various stages in the life of a person. Shakespeare calls them “Seven Ages of Man”. After infancy comes to the childhood stage. It is the happiest period in ones life. A child leads care-free, jolly and sunny life. Children live in the world of make-belief. Their whole life is made up of play. A child has little sense of responsibility and he/she is generally indifferent to pleasure or pain.

A child’s life is full of innocence, joy and love. It is always pleasant to ruminate on the past, to recollect the bygone days, specially the childhood. It gives a person strong sense of living. Life is made up of sobs, sniffles and smiles, the first two dominating. So are some of the recollection of my childhood.

The earliest event that I recall was my 4th birthday. A big cake bearing any name ‘Haris’ adorned the table. All the children were in colourful dresses and wore paper caps. Some put on masks on their faces. After cutting the cake with happy birth-day cries, we enjoyed snacks and cake-pieces. My brothers and sisters danced and clapped. My grandpa gave me a hundred rupee note and kissed me. The fun and merriment lasted for about two hours. My room was full of gifts-toys, games, garments and sweets. My pet gifts were the acrobat monkey, flashgun and tricycle. [the_ad id=”17141″]

I still remember my first day in school. My mummy led me to the school with the Stachel under my armpit. The teacher, a young miss welcome and made me sit near her. Soon my mummy had left, I began to cry. Other kids laughed at me, but Rida wept with me. Afterwards, she became my best friend. All attempts by my ‘Miss’ to pacify me were in vain. When I had wept to my heart’s desire, the Miss took us out into the garden where we played, glided and skipped. The coming days were sunny and funny. My joy knew no bounds when I stood first in the class.

Life is full of shade and light, joys and sorrows. My visit to Murree and Ayuba proved the truth. I was six. It was winter season. My parents and sisters enjoyed the visit. We played and slipped on the snow. It was an unforgettable experience. But one day while playing, I fell and broke my left arm. My parents came to Islamabad. We stayed with our uncle who gave me the best treatment.

After passing by I and II K.G. with first positions, I was promoted to Class I. We played cricket and football in the school.

I proudly recall the day when I scored runs in a friendly match with class II. I was patina wy my ‘Sir’. I will never forget the annual function at the end of the year. All the parents had been invited in the function. There were songs; tableau and speeches by the children.

I felt proud when I was given a prize for standing first in the class. There are some other events that have become dim in the midst of time. My recollections still make me happy when I am in a thoughtful mood.

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