Secret of Success in Life Essay

By | May 16, 2019


  • Introduction
  • Continuous struggle
  • Conducive environment
  • Inevitable evolution
  • Incessant stroke
  • Conclusion

“Success in life consists of going from one mistake to the next without losing your enthusiasm.”

Winston Churchill

Go through a high-profile success story and you will find a humble beginning there. Every great destination requires a series of steps to reach it, and every step to its direction is crucial whether it is staggering or stable. Usually, people are disheartened and discouraged by their mistakes; they do not acknowledge the wisdom that such mistakes impart. What a person would be, depends where he is. The environment always affects, influences, facilitates and ultimately leads to a path which becomes one’s destiny.

A man starts a trivial job for survival, unknowingly that some day he would reach the top. A child in his tender age assists at a shop and ends up as a business tycoon. A man delivers newspaper on bicycle and dies as a founder of the most circulated newspaper of the country. I found a person as a porter who unloaded the trucks of agriculture produce in my town; his son is one of the prominent commission agents of the city. In most cases, evolution can easily be discovered through generations.[the_ad id=”17141″]

There is a water-carrier in the veterinary hospital of our town. He always assist the veterinary doctor in handling the cattle during their treatment. Then he began to handle them on his own at the doctor’s advice. After that he began to treat the cattle even in the absence of the doctor. As the doctors do not visit the remote areas for examining the cattle on the sick list, he availed himself of the opportunity and became te medicine man for the villagers. Now usually he is consulted and requested to attend the infected cattle in most of villages and outposts. He is now Doctor Mahtab, the life of the unwell.

Generally, we cannot foresee the distant outcome of an insignificant opening, the very reason of our not attaching great importance to such trivial outsets. Who could say that a university gardener, called in for holding the legs of a camel during an operation, will one day turn out to be a high-profile surgeon and retire as the chancellor of the university? Chances play a great role in such miracles but there’s no denying that mostly the environment chooses the line of action and leads gradually to an inevitable end. In this context every person bears a succession of events which culminates in a success story of his life. These success stories and their study not only keep us steady in troubled times but also guide us and impart a great deal of enlightenment.

Often there is an opportunity for those who may explore it. Sometimes when there is none, the persistent visits create it for you in some way or the other. And you are persistent in your struggle, nothing can impede your way forever. I have read about a great number of celebrated writers who were rejected by their publishers more than once in the beginning but their persistence was acknowledged at last as the great contributor to literature. Sometimes one does not succeed to find a job but if one is willing to do work, nothing can hold one back for long to convert one’s work experience into a job. If you are a seeker, you will eventually be a finder.

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