Scientists – The Benefactors Essay in English

By | May 13, 2019

We are living in an age of ideas-scientific, economic and socio-political. Ideas have invaded the human mind. They easily cross the borders of nations. Scientific theories and ideas are products of the minds of scientists. The present spectacular progress of the west is due to the development of physical sciences. The creative force behind all research and knowledge is the inventive genius of the scientists.

Till the middle of the 17th century, the great men of letters dominated the world of ideas. Now their place has been taken by the scientists. Scientists may be called the greatest benefactors of mankind. They have devoted whole life to the service of humanity. They have helped in dis-seminating knowledge. In fact, the modern civilization is indebted to the scientists for all it’s glory and splendours.

Scientists devote their days and nights to research and in the perfection of their theories and inventions. The various Governments patronize and pay tributes to the scientists. Their is a big list of the noble prize winners in the various fields of science-physics, chemistry astronomy, nuclear physics and medicine. Nations are proud of their achievements. The aim of scientists is to use science in the service of mankind.

The world would have been a dismal and dark place without scientists. They have contributed to human health and happiness. We owe a great deal to the scientists for making over lives bight, easy and comfortable. We are indebted to them for our fund of knowledge about the universe, the planets, the sky, the land and the air. They have established man’s supremacy over the elements. They have penetrated into the secrets of nature and atom. Indeed, scientists have made man master of air, land and water.

The following are some names of great scientists and inventors and their contributions to human knowledge and happiness.

“Knowledge enormous has made a god of me.”


Scientists and Inventors – Contributions – Inventions

  1. Isaac Newton (Scientist) – Law of Gravity, Sun-dial
  2. Galileo Galilei (Atronomer) – Telescope
  3. Louis Pasture (Chemists/Biologist) – Germ Theory of Wound- Prevention of Germs.
  4. James Watts (Inventor) – Steam Engine
  5. Michael Farady (Scientist) – Electricity
  6. James C. Maxwell (Scientist) – Electricity & Magnetism
  7. Orville and Wilbur Wright – Aeroplane
  8. Thomas Edison (Inventor) – Photography & Electric Bulb
  9. A. Graham Bell (Inventor) – Telephone
  10. A. Fleming (Doctor) – Penicillin
  11. Green Morton (Scientist) – Anesthesia, injection for rabies
  12. William Harvey (Doctor) – Ciculation of blood and heart
  13. Joseph Lister (Surgeon) – Art of Surgery.
  14. Conrade Rontgen (Inventor) – X-Rays
  15. Edward M. Janner (Doctor) – Vaccine against smallpox
  16. Albert Einstein (Scientist) – Theory of Relativity
  17. Professor Howard Aiken – Computer

We take off our hats to the great benefactors of mankind.

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