Science is a Blessing for Mankind Essay

By | May 13, 2019

Science is a Fairy as well as a Fury. Science is creative but destructive use of scientific inventions is made in wars. Unless we remove the body of war, there can not be peace in the world. Peace is indispensable for human progress and prosperity. The victories of peace are no less than the victories of war.

During war all constructive activities come to a stand still. All efforts and resources are diverted to the production of war materials. Arts, Science, Education, Trade and Commerce all suffer a setback. Science and its inventions can be improved and perfected during peace time. They are universal and they can be best used in the service of mankind. Science is international in its application and use. The inventions made in one part of the world, become the property of the whole of mankind. Science is friend and benefactor of man.

We generally take the inventions of science for granted. We are so ungrateful that we do not even know the names of our benefactors-the great scientists and inventors. Their aim is to serve the humanity, to mitigate and remove the pains and sufferings of mankind. Science stands for the service of all rich and poor, young and old, educated and uneducated, the farmers and workers and house-wives. Its blessings are universal. We can say, we eat science, we drink science and we live by science. [the_ad id=”17141″]

To begin with we take breakfast and use food and articles produced on machines-the greatest gifts of science. We prepare for the colleges, schools and offices; put on clothes shoes and so on. All these things are manufactured on machines. Instead of using shank mare (feet), we use Auto horses for going to colleges and offices and shops. The tea and cold drinks we use, the food we eat, all have the magic touch of science in them. All our means of amusements and recreation lift up our mood and make up forgetful about the hurry and worries of life.

The business centres, commercial institutions and govern. ment offices are served with a network of telephones. Heaters and air-conditioners make us forgetful about the rigours of heat and cold. Computers and other machines keep the business, offices and other places alive and active. The printing machines and the press supply us with mental food. There is no end to the list of its services to mankind.

The house wives and the begums cannot do without the gifts of science. The cooking, washing, cleaning, cooling and heating make their life easier and comfortable. Electric appliances have saved them from the drudgery of physical labour. Mini T.V. and Radio in Kitchens remove the monotony of work.

Above all science has helped us to raise better crops, to produce more food and consumers’ goods and luxury items. Science has waged a war against diseases, poverty and ignorance. All the public service institutions – schools, colleges, hospitals and electric companies and corporations render 24 hour services. The more we praise science the less it would be.

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