Role of Teachers in Society Essay

By | May 12, 2019

There are three categories of Jobs

  1. Paper jobs
  2. Tool job
  3. People jobs.

Teaching comes under the third category. Unlike others, teachers have to deal with living souls the students. Teachers work in the quarry of human hearts, silently and secretly. Their work can not seen by human eyes. Their work has far-reaching effects on human character. In fact, they are the architects or builders of the nation.

Teaching is said to be noblest profession but sorry trade. It is a missionary job. His/her knowledge is the greatest wealth. The more he imparts to others, the more it grows. The Holy Prophet was the greatest teacher of mankind. He was a réformer as well. After the parents, teachers are given greatest respect. They are like mental parents of the students.

Teaching is a noble profession. Teachers have great social and moral responsibilities as builders of the nation. They must be deeply read and possess good knowledge. Indeed, the constant review is the price of knowledge. Like these teachers give light (of knowledge) and sweetness (joy) to the taught. Like a doctor, teacher’s job is above all distinctions of caste and creed, region and religion. All students should be equal in their eyes.

Good and devoted teachers are great national asset. They must be reverenced and respected. There is a scarcity of good and dedicated teachers among Muslims. Spirit of service and simplicity are two ideals before good teacher. He/she is an example, a model for the students. His/her behavior, attitudes and movements are closely watched by the taught. Simple living and high thinking are signs of greatness and wisdom.[the_ad id=”17141″]

“Give me good teachers and I will give good citizens”, remarked an educationist. Teachers mold the character of the pupils and the youths. As educators/teachers sublimate the instincts of the students. It is a great responsibility. Students of today are the citizens of tomorrow. Teachers train and raise good citizens who are dutiful, honest, loving, law-abiding and patriotic. Above all, they inculcate moral courage and sense of discipline. Teachers can make or mar the young nation. They can foster community sense among the students.

The present indifference and lethargy on the part of teachers are the main causes of the falling standard of education in the country. Most of them do not exert in the right direction and remain silent spectators to what is happening before them. The results are poor discipline among the students, lawlessness, absenteeism, cheating mafia and free for all in colleges and universities. Doctors and teachers who vouch to serve humanity, have become ease-loving and materialistic. They are busy in minting money. They refuse to work in villages, the most neglected units in the country.

In a society like ours tore into factions and heading toward disintegration, the teachers must shoulder the responsibility of promoting national unity and creating sense of national pride and patriotism. They can fight against anti-Islamic creeds and ideas among the students. It is not the politician but the teachers who can give A practical shape to the Quaid’s idealsfaith, unity and discipline.

The true reward for a teacher is not money and social status, but the joy and satisfaction of accomplishment and achievements, of his students.

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