Role of T.V. & Radio in National Life Essay

By | May 12, 2019

Like the press T.V. and radio are means of mass communication. Newspapers and magazines are easily available to people. They supply valuable mental food. They generally benefit the literate and educated persons. TV. and radio are also important means of information, diversion and recreation. They can benefit all – young and old, high and low and illiterate and educated.

First let us consider the role of Herme’s child, radio Radio is elder brother of T.V. It was invented by Marconi, but now it has become property of common man. Radio Pakistan broadcasts regular intervals. We can know what is happening round the world. It keeps the nation active and alert. The Listeners come to know what is happening on the government and the private fronts. It is generally a mouth piece of the government or the political party in power. So people often tune up BBC or American radio.

Radio is an important means of diversion and recreation. It broadcasts running commentry on games, dramas, musical programmes, the mushaira (poet’s gathering). Radio Pakistan rallies special programmes for students, for the housewives and children. It has great educative value. We hear roaring advertisements and special bulletins about market conditions · and rates of commodities. It benefits the all-general public, students, ladies, businessmen and sports fans.

Radio plays an instructive and healthy role in national life. Listening to radio is not a waste of energy, time and money. Radio being mono-modal does not do any moral harm like the T.V. We can listen the talks by experts on the air. [the_ad id=”17141″]

Television has the advantage of being bimodal. The viewers use both eyes and ears. T.V. has the magic of sound and sight. T.V. programmes are more appealing. The viewers can get first-hand knowledge about places, natural scenes and sights and international events-Olympics games, meetings and conferences, natural calamities and horrors of nature. T.V. programmes are more engrossing and interesting.

Television telecasts news, dramas, musical programmes. folk dances and songs. It is a great source of knowledge and entertainment. All young and old, men and women. Educated and uneducated are crazy about T.V. programmes. It is more time consuming, even wasteful for the family members. Its twin brother the VCR makes the viewers forgetful about their domestic duties and duties to God.

The foreign pictures and Indian films are very harmful to the young, special for the students. They often show obscene scenes, criminal detectives. They not only undermine our culture but they also shatter the moral fabric of the family.

T.V. plays a very important role in education provided it is used wisely. Students can learn lessons in science, arts, literature, history and geography through T.V. aid. The thrilling hockey, cricket, football, squash matches and international athletic meets, hold the viewers spellbound.

Everything has its uses and misuses. Television if misused results in waste of time, loss of energy and harm to eyesight. The parents should see that their children do not see T.V. at the cost of their studies and moral teachings. The nation can not afford the luxuries of T.V. PTV, STN and NTM.

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