Role of Intellectuals English Essay

By | May 12, 2019

In an ideal set up, right man at the right place, is the rule. Again, all must pull together. It is the collective efforts of intellectuals, soldiers, merchants and workers that make a country strong and stable. They are the pillars of the nation. -The intellectuals play a silent but decisive role in national life.

Those who think must govern those who work. Those who are ignorant, can not show the way to others. All over the world, the thinkers, scientists and scholars are held in great esteem. The governments also patronize them. They render special services to the nation. The UNO is an unique example where intellectuals and experts from all over the world, put their heads together.

It were the intellectual wizards like Ismail Shaheed, Shah Waliullah, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Ali brothers, Allama Iqbal, Jinnah, Mashieks and writers who played the most dominant role in the Muslim struggle for freedom in India. They inspired the people by their forceful speeches and writings. Had there been no Iqbal and Jinnah, there would have been no Pakistan.. The first was the originator, and the other, founder.

Equally important had been the role of the Ulemas, Mashiekhs and Spiritual leaders in the final bid’ for Pakistan. The writers and the journalists proved that the pen is stronger than the sword. After partition, the intellectuals and thinkers were the front-line persons sustaining and building Pakistan. Most of the politicians and planners were learned and devoted workers. In their traditional role, the intellectuals occupy a very high and respectable place in society as ideal types. [the_ad id=”17141″]

As we find, the things and thinking have changed now. The closed-door politics and bureaucratic set-up have disillusioned the intellectuals. Politics has been a game for self-seekers, turncoats and opportunists. The intellectuals and scholars have retired into the background. They are men of conscience and hate hanky-panky. Morality and truth are the ideals that inspire them. Their departure from active life is a great loss and set back to the nation. They hate cheap popularity.

The public meh say what pleases the listeners, and not what is relevant and true. Constructive thinking and creative writings by the intellectuals have always been needs of the nation. They show the right path to the people; foster love for tolerance and justice and promote unity and peace.

Intellectuals can not survive in corrupt atmosphere and moral vacuum. Lack of political decorum and healthy climate in Pakistan, have embittered the intellectuals and created brain drain. We hear them sometime, from behind the pages of newspapers and magazines, or on the air and T.V.

It is only dutiful and devoted workers, honest merchants, brave and watchful soldiers, and dedicated and daring intellectuals and thinkers who can build strong and prosperous Pakistan. Let the genius guide and govern the populace.

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