Political Parties in Pakistan English Essay

By | May 11, 2019

We often hear the words democracy and Dictatorship. They stand for people’s rule and one man’s rule respectively. The former is always acclaimed, the later often condemned. It is not the form of government but the good and welfare of the people that count.

Democracy is best defined by the great American president Abraham Lincoln as:

“government of the people, by the people and for the people.”

It was this democratic spirit that earned him the praise “He was first in peace, first in war and first in the hearts of countrymen.” England is the oldest democracy in the world ruled by either of the two ancient parties- The Weighs and the Torys (The conservatives). Labour, liberal and Communist parties are of modern birth.

In America, the power is being shared by the Republicans and the Democrats for last two hundred years. So is the case with most of the successful democracies of the world where only two or three old parties have been at the helm. This proves that political parties are the lifeblood of democracy. The two can not be separated. Power of franchise and elections are the backbone of a democratic setup.

It is rather impossible to think of Democracy without political parties. They make or mar the nation. After elections, the majority party forms the government, and the others sit in the opposition. The elections are fought on party basis. Both the Treasury and Opposition benches work and strive for the good of the people and welfare of the state. In communist countries, there is only one party rule and the opposition is a crime. The state is glorified at the cast of the individuals.

For the very birth of Pakistan, we are indebted to the great political party- the Muslim League that brought freedom to our doors. It can be called the mother of Pakistan. All the great and devoted leaders have been Muslim Leaguers. Loyalty to Quaid-e-Azam and the Party (The League) was considered loyalty to the country. It is rather a height of ingratitude that we have forgotten the League, the parent body. All the patriotic peoples of the world cherish, support and uphold the political party that has won them freedom. It is the best way of paying homage to those who sacrificed everything for Pakistan.

In Pakistan, the case is otherwise. There is a mushroom-like growth of political parties. Most of them are intrinsically regional parties, outwardly claiming the national character. Then their ideologies also differ as they call themselves. The rightist and leftists. Except for the mother body, all of them have a provincial bias which has been corroborated by-election results.

[the_ad id=”17141″]Muslim League, Islami Jamiat, Pakistan National party (of Wali Khan) JUI, (of Noorani Miyan) JUP of Fazlul Rehman, Peoples Party (of Bhutto) Pakistan Istiqlal Party (of Asghar Khan), MQM of Altaf Hussain and so many others numbering about forty are in all. What an anomaly! What a mockery!

How can there be national unity and political peace in the country? Then there have been amalgamations like PNA, PDF, and PDA all striving to topple the ruling governments. This unhealthy rivalry among the political parties has been the main cause of dissolving the elected Assemblies and imposition of the Marshal law. Political factions are always determined for the country, the so-called champions of democracy inviting Dictatorship.

Instead of having the people’s rule in the country, there has always been a government of the Badadras, Chaudries, Landlords, and Sardars, by them and for them. Such limited democracy in which their sons and grandsons & daughters, aspire and rule, cannot do any good to the people or the country.

So far slogan mongering, mud-slinging, leg pulling, floor crossing, horse-trading, intrigues, and defamation have been the undeclared manifesto of the political pundits and content parties.

Those who live in palaces and Hawalees and in measured temperatures, can neither realize the miseries and sufferings of the people nor serve them. Pakistan is the Islamic Republic and there is no room for parties in Islamic polity. Can there by a better and greater Leader for us than the Holy Prophet? No! The constitution must ban or limit such parties.

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