Place of Women in Islam English Essay

By | May 11, 2019

Place of Women in Islam Essay – 600 Words

Before Islam women had no standing in Arabia. The Quran gave them legal rights and assured protection. Even the civilized societies of Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians failed to accord due respect and legal status to women. But in Islam, they enjoy high status and play their traditional roles as daughters, wives and mothers.

Nowadays, women have become the main theme of discussions and hit the headlines in newspapers, magazines and ads. They adorn the T.V. programmes, films, fashion shows, modeling, and offices. Workshops are held on rights of women. Debates and discussions are held in parliaments and International forums about the status and rights of women. They are the main center of attraction, grace and glamour in social functions and mixed gatherings.

In spite of enjoying all these freedoms and privileges, there are outcries for women’s position and rights. In fact, Islam has elevated their status and accorded them in a respectable place in society.

What the champions of women want, are the western codes and models. They have degraded women to a mere source of enjoyment and means of carnal pleasure for man. There is, so to say, laws of Jungle in western society. The Christians and the Buddhists think women as temptations and source of sin. Islam, on the other hand, gives a high place to women. Before the advent of Islam, polygamy was a common practice among the Arabs. Birth of a daughter was thought shameful and they were killed in infancy or buried alive. The House of God (Kaaba) was polluted by songs and dances of necked women. There was no respect for womanhood. Islam changed the fate of women. They were given a respectable place and position in homes and society. [the_ad id=”17141″]

Islam stands for real emancipation of women. They are no more considered as the ‘Devil,s’ Gateways’. The Quran glorifies women and the Prophet’s traditions (Hadiths) uphold the statues. In the first place, the Quran says:

“And of His signs is this, He created for you help mates, from yourself that you may find rest in them; and He ordained! between you love and mercy. LO! therein. indeed. portent for a folk who reflect”.

(Surah Rome)

Marriage is a holy institution in Islam. “You should marry for it is the best solution to save the eye from ill sight and protection of the sex”, Says the holy prophet (SAW). In the western world, the concept of marriage has practically disappeared. Women have lost their honor. The Quran declares that the best act is good treatment to women. Again the Quran says:

“They are raiment for you and ye are raiment for them”.

The prophet has given great importance to married women. The following are some of his famous sayings:

“The best of you are those who treat their wives best”.

“The world is your wealth and of it, the best of wealth is virtuous women”. He was the real liberator of women. He gave them real dignity and restored their honor as equal partners to man. It is ‘clear from the following sayings:

  • “Women are twin half to men”.
  • “God commandeth you 10 treat women well, for they are your mothers, daughters, and aunts”
  • “The rights of women are sacred”
  • “Paradise lies at the feet of the mother”

Islam elevated the status of women through inner reformation, civil laws, and preventive measures. According to Anni Beasant:

“women are more free in Islam than in Christianity.’

Their true freedom lies in obeying the laws and limits prescribed by the Quran.

Place of Women in Islam Essay – 400 Words


  • Introduction
  • Teaching of God
  • Family life
  • Guidance of Islam
  • Conclusion

Islam recognizes the rights of women as human beings. On many occasions, the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet advised the men to treat them kindly. Women enjoy a high status in Islam. Islam says to men that provide your women with the clothes and food as you provide these things to yourself.

All the four positions of a women: daughter, sister, mother and wife are dignified in Islam civilization. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that the man who brought up two daughters would be a shoulder to shoulder with me in paradise. He advise the men to fear Allah in case of their wives because they would be responsible for them. He said, “Paradise lies underneath the feet of your mother.” You can achieve it by serving her. He again said, “The best among you is who is best with his family.” Holy Quran also mentioned the right of women categorically.[the_ad id=”17142″]

In a family life, Islam identifies the role of wife and husband as the administrator of the house. Both are taught to play their role in bringing up children and other household duties. They are advised to coordinate in the organization of a family unit. In many spheres of household life, the women are given a greater role according to their importance in the whole scheme. Women are assigned the task keeping in view their nature and innate characteristics while men’s nature of work suits their physical capabilities. So Islam justly established the status of women in society. Men and women have the same rights but their social duties and responsibilities are different. A woman performs the duty of looking after the domestic affairs. She brings up the children with care and educates them. She manages the home according to the wishes of her husband.

Islam does not prevent women from serving in various social institutions as it is wrongly understood. They may serve in many department which suits better to their potential. In the world of today, they are sharing the economic burden of their families more than the past. Owing to the enlightenment of modern age they are free to perform their role in different capacities. It is, in fact, not a matter of religion rather it is an adjustment which differs from person to person and family to family. Islam encourages women to serve the humanity with due respect, dignity and keeping their modesty intact.

Women are almost half of the population. They are human beings like men. They are beneficial half of the world. Their role in life is too crucial to deny. Islam is the religion of nature. Man is also the protector of woman. Women should perform their role effectively in the common interest of mankind under the protection of their men so that any inconvenience may be avoided on their part.

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